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The longer the economy's expansion goes on, the slower productivity growth is bound to be.
Growth will be more broad-based, with industrial and agricultural output matching services expansion.
In all of those scenarios, there would be less money in the economy that can be used for expansion and growth.
More generally, though, the growth of planning is closely tied to the expansion of college and university administrations.
The expansion was brought on by the rapid growth of online learning.
The rapid growth of the tourism sector over the last decade has resulted in a substantial expansion of other activities.
Population and economic growth are examples of a compound-interest expansion.
Maybe it seems absurd to propose expansion of early childhood education at a time when budgets are being slashed.
The expansion is compounded as in compounded interest your earned with bank deposit.
Dark energy, on the other hand, originates from our efforts to understand the observed accelerated expansion of the universe.
The expansion of private equity will become an increasingly global phenomenon, and this will happen faster than commonly thought.
If they knew how the rate of expansion was changing over time, they could deduce the shape of the universe.
And two of the city's largest museums have announced ambitious expansion plans.
The new dean will play a key role in the continuing expansion of the faculty.
The result was a broad expansion in government spending and intervention in all the richer economies.
Light from these objects gets stretched into longer, redder wavelengths by the universe's accelerated expansion.
Dark energy does more than hurry along the expansion of the universe.
Both areas have lost species because of the depletion of the water supply and agricultural expansion.
The marginal resources used to finance this expansion of college graduates could often be better deployed elsewhere.
But it must be repeated again that inflation is monetary expansion.
The expansion stretched the universe from a size smaller than an atom to astronomical proportions in a fraction of a second.
Distant supernovae are revealing the crucial time when the expansion of the universe changed from decelerating to accelerating.
The trend was accompanied by expansion in the number of commercial seed and nursery entrepreneurs.
Even our huge endowment does not produce enough income to sustain our continued expansion.
Many of these companies began their expansion into foreign markets decades ago.
Extraordinary expansion leads to the need to change structures of governance.
In the postwar period, the average expansion has been about five years long.
The expansion finding can now help researchers better understand how the immune system works and find ways to enhance it.
For the traders themselves, expansion abroad makes sense.
Universal expansion has occurred regardless of the existence of any hypothetical dark energy.
Instead it is a story of consistent, tightly managed expansion and risk-taking.
In order for the expansion to occur something must decrease in volume.
Another way to think of the problem is in terms of cosmic expansion.
Climate change didn't bring this fence, but it is providing a fresh reason for its existence and ongoing expansion.
The board expansion followed a series of bitterly fought elections for alumni trustees.
Bill characterized by being nicely parallel sided, lacking an expansion at the gonydeal angle.
Such skills are essential to the future expansion of human presence into deeper space.
Expansion of domesticated animal populations has created tension over land use for pasture, agriculture, and wildlife habitat d.
Crucially, he says, the paper fails to account for the huge expansion in the area of fisheries over time.
Is anyone tracking the expansion of the globe and the raising sea levels.
It's not only the crisis but also the types of problems people face these days that have fueled the expansion of the cults.
With such scant storage, all the expansion options are a huge plus.
Through harsh winters and steamy summers, gauges will track the expansion and contraction of joints and supports.
We'll make this expansion, we'll see how that does and that will kinda inform our next decision.
Expansion will ultimately be shown to be an illusion.
Yet with impunity and hubris this industry continues to seek the expansion of nuclear technology and energy production.
From this perspective the expansion of the universe fundamentally defines the universe.
These bubbles inevitably burst when the monetary expansion ends, and the result is a recession.
The main reasons were a large expansion in public-sector employment, pensions and income redistribution.
If he would bother to learn he would find that credit expansion causes all bubbles.
Expansion has apparently continued, but much more slowly, over the ensuing billions of years.
Urban sprawl is visible in the expansion of suburb-style communities around city centers.
While oil earnings have helped fund industrial expansion, fluctuations in prices of export commodities have forced austerity.
Rather, it is, in part an unfortunate right-sizing of bookstore landscape that has suffered from expansion in certain markets.
Officials often portray the global expansion of deadly drone strikes as an unequivocal success.
But the heart of this plan is an extension of current policies plus a moderate expansion of certain policies.
The expansion of its streaming library is a huge win for the company.
When they find it, their focus on scale requires even more venture capital to fuel rapid expansion.
The expansion of global oil production has been accompanied by oil market consolidation.
Others will claim that regulatory uncertainty is preventing more aggressive expansion.
The key challenge for top emerging cities entering a period of global expansion is to expand to other industries.
But in either case, the labor market certainly isn't in a healthy state of expansion.
Expansion upon the natural pharmacopeia has allowed for the treatment of potentially deadly pathogens.
His dream of gargantuan expansion comes first both as first-announced and as the foundation for everything else.
Universities have been at the forefront of this expansion.
The expansion of the tropics may have profound significance because many deserts are located at the edges of the tropics.
During the sixth or seventh month the tympanic antrum appears as an upward and backward expansion of the tympanic cavity.
At its insertion the muscle gives off an expansion to the deep fascia of the arm.
Thus the normal life of continuous expansion, the making actual of the potential elements of his being.
From the posterior border of the tendon a thin expansion is given off to the fascia of the leg.
With this consolidation and unity came national consciousness and a desire for territorial expansion.
It was incapable of complete expansion into pure vision.
The village is the place to which the roads tend, a sort of expansion of the highway, as a lake of a river.
The deaths of noncombatants drive the expansion of the war.
Tobacco expansion is the process of puffing leaves of tobacco to decrease the volume of tobacco used in cigarette production.
It shows the expansion of the debris as the gas moves outward from the point in space where the original explosion happened.
And it looks as if there is a cosmological constant, a hidden energy whose effect is to make the expansion actually speed up.
Not only is it expanding but the expansion itself is accelerating.
Although the laws of physics themselves don't provide for an arrow of time, the ongoing expansion of the universe does.
We zip through the expansion, structure formation, and dark energy.
Expansion and slowing can be predicted from the math.
Asymptotically means that expansion will never slow to zero or reverse.
The expansion rate c defines both a rate of expansion of the universal ball of space, and the movement of disturbances through it.
For instance, the theory might explain why the expansion of the universe seems to be accelerating rather than diminishing.
Individual employees said they had been told not to speak to the media about the expansion plans.
Indeed, it's revealing that this expansion was happening as people were having fewer children.
The expansion of communication offers a case in point.
His solution is a return to local economies on a smaller scale with the objective of durability rather than expansion.
Partly the expansion was caused by people moving in new directions, outward from the looted areas where police were concentrated.
Whether this expansion will result in lower levels of contamination of the sea from that site time will tell.
The first would be the expansion of the mandate of the pedagogue and his increasing control over society even outside school.
Dreams of new glories to flow from territorial expansion bemused many minds.
Considers the risk of such a large company losing focus because of rapid expansion.
The half-century that is bracketed by the album and the film has witnessed both the expansion and the degradation of a dream.
They were all so caught up in the romance of the westward expansion, they chose not to look at that side of the story.
Literary alt-history is still relatively scarce, but it has begun a noticeable expansion.
The quick expansion of social and mobile technologies is creating a widely distributed workforce.
Such an expansion must be closely linked with expansion in population, environmental impact, and the consumption of resources.
Wrote software that is accelerating the expansion of wireless networking.
And the best evidence from the distance reaches of the cosmos is that this expansion is accelerating.
The outside material is a micro-mesh spandex fabric that stretches to accommodate gel expansion.
Argon is a browser built with expansion in mind, however.
Cells expansion and short circuit caused by direct anode contact and continuous high efficiency electric current overcharging.
The low efficiency of compressing and expanding air is due to using isentropic compression and expansion.
There, the body's warmth would trigger the polymer's expansion into its original shape.
Inside, you can add storage expansion and data protection without adding more cables or special management.
Large-scale expansion of wind technology will depend in large part on federal largess.

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