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One thing that astonishes me on an almost daily basis is the expanding universe of applications available in the cloud.
If one starts with gravity and an expanding universe, you eventually end up with stars, planets and galaxies.
The ever expanding universe reminds me of the insignificance of all the problems of the world.
They say an infinitely expanding universe cannot be so because the laws of physics do not work in an infinite cosmos.
It may have started when he was nine and first read about the expanding universe.
It seems that a consensus exists about an ever expanding universe.
In a continuously expanding universe, its temperature would eventually reach absolute zero.
The deviation in distance of luminosity vs redshift is exactly what you should expect from an expanding universe.
For example, the expanding universe is not really expanding.
The scientist bigwigs are claiming the big bang and accelerating expanding universe and dark energy as factual rather then theory.
All are part of the expanding universe of science and exploration travel.
In the last decade astronomers discovered the expanding universe is also accelerating-expanding faster and faster.
My problem is the path down this particular hole started with a question about the expanding universe.
Since then, rival theories have been submitted to explain redshifts without the need for an expanding universe.

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In an expanding universe, time is on the side of the outcast. Those who once inhabited the suburbs of human... more
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