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There is also an expanded butcher counter and display case, where one can have meats sliced to order.
The renal calyces and pelvis form the upper expanded end of the excretory duct of the kidney.
In football, each team plays all nine members, a schedule that would be difficult to continue if the conference expanded.
Her material expanded, her writing matured, and the characters populating her work diversified.
Each of your main points gets expanded into a full paragraph.
We could use our exam response to launch us into our dissertation proposal and expanded literature review.
Some people make you feel expanded, some make you feel contracted.
The article can be expanded much to include many more things.
The planet's heated gases would have then expanded, causing the world to bloat.
That's because the freezing ice would have expanded, causing the surface to bulge upward, cracking in the process.
If there was only ice, and never an ocean, the cooling of the planet should have contracted the ice rather than expanded it.
Nor could agricultural areas, dwindling as the city expanded, provide the necessary food to keep its inhabitants nourished.
They also expanded their search to hundreds of other nearby stars.
The magazine rapidly expanded in both publishing frequency and circulation size.
Both have since expanded way beyond their introduction boundaries.
After a series of hairpin turns, the trees began to thin and the sky expanded.
The approach has recently been expanded to also include cougar and wolf education needs.
The number of these virtual machines can be expanded or contracted on the fly to meet demand, creating tremendous efficiencies.
Even the expanded screen could deliver only a shrunken facsimile.
Businesses have cut costs and expanded their ability to grow with past investments.
It also descended with the parachutes at less than fully expanded size.
At other times, though, they are singletons and more expanded.
Even when they expanded into the original area they would still be carrying the energy imparted by the red laser.
It's high time that humans expanded their horizons and explored the solar system.
The story goes nowhere: no links, no expanded content.
Also, expanded operations are better tolerated by the community, bringing increased job opportunity.
Possibly, fuel could be stored at existing facilities if they can be expanded.
Thank you for caring about your students so deeply, and helping construct activities that expanded their horizons.
Expanded views of the first impact and first collapse shown in red.
They expanded the reach of humans and made other resources more accessible.
Most likely, humanity has already expanded beyond the point of no return.
There are many other such occurrences, especially if the meaning of treatment is expanded to include realms beyond medicine.
He urged that such programs be expanded and further developed.
We expanded choice with public broadcasting, cable, and satellites.
For the first time the horizons of ordinary people expanded.
Time expanded their columnist rosters in the last few years.
It began with a tiny convenience store located near where the parking lot is now, and expanded from there.
Below, in full and without further comment by me, is his expanded view of the argument he wanted to make.
AS personal rights and freedoms have expanded during this century, there has been less and less talk about temperament.
More encouragingly, remittances to developing countries also expanded.
But others stepped in, and the opportunities to bet online have expanded elsewhere in the world.
As the universe expanded and cooled, some of these particles merged to form neutrons and protons.
In cash terms, the loss on the expanded fund may easily outweigh the gains made when the fund was smaller.
Bank lending expanded in the thick of the crisis as companies tapped pre-agreed credit lines.
If the polls are to be believed, however, his following has expanded somewhat.
Over the past ten years, waistlines have expanded in every state.
Schumpeter further expanded the idea of productivity increases.
Scores of niches have expanded dramatically: people are drinking four times as much wine, for example.
Over the past decade they have expanded across a continent they thought was becoming indivisible.
GE has expanded its energy business over the past decade.
Granted, the rulers have learned and expanded the base of whom is accepted into the ranks of government.
Surveys must be expanded to collect additional data.
As a result, over the past couple of years, global liquidity has expanded at its fastest pace for three decades.
Bigger government transfers to the poor have expanded consumption and created new opportunities for investment.
The latest version boasts higher resolution and an expanded field of view.
Towns shrank and cities grew as gasoline-powered automobiles vastly expanded the possibilities of personal mobility.
Apparently, the universe expanded more slowly in the past than it does now.
The clams fed off their captive algae and their habitat expanded into sunlit waters.
If demic diffusion was the primary dynamic through which they expanded there should be no pause.
During the period of inflation, the universe expanded much faster than the speed of light.
It is homogeneous and expanded rapidly from a small founder group.
As the normal star expanded, it engulfed the neutron star, which then started eating up the material around it.
The experiment could be expanded in many interesting ways.
It may be that they have to be expanded or explained, or indeed entirely restated.
And then he expanded the uses of politics so that, first and foremost, politics became about protecting him and his interests.
His office expanded as his famous patients multiplied.
The administration has greatly expanded both surveillance of private individuals and the collection of data about them.
And with federal budget deficits soaring, the political opportunities to finance expanded health insurance coverage may fade.
Many of them could have been expanded into whole books.
The house also has an expanded family room with fireplace, two-story living room, and central air.
Eventually, he said he expanded by hiring a lawyer and doctors.
Career and technical education could be expanded at a fraction of the cost of college subsidies.
The expanded production of meat has been facilitated by industrial feedlots, which bleed antibiotics and other noxious chemicals.
Over the years, he expanded his empire by opening stores all across the world.

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