expandable in a sentence

Example sentences for expandable

The first is that labour supply has proved more expandable than anyone expected.
Collapsible or expandable categories for easy scrolling.
It includes the full text of the novel, of course, with expandable marginal notes giving historical and biographical background.
Type-A personalities will revel in the organizational potential of this expandable roller, lousy with pockets and compartments.
Expandable waterproof compartment shrinks down to nothing when empty.
The set is completely expandable with tons of accessories.
The new protocol also lets backbone designers create more expandable hierarchical addressing.
Stents are expandable stainless-steel scaffolds commonly used to prop open clogged arteries.
The downside: intervening in the economy in such a precise way is almost by definition not expandable.

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The vices of man, as full of horror as one might suppose them to be, contain the proof (if in nothing else but their inf... more
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