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Immigrant fish can also carry exotic diseases or can be aggressive predators that threaten native populations directly.
Abundance and diversity matter more than whether species are native or exotic.
Romans used such a method as early as the first century, when soldiers returned from exotic regions with taboo markings.
The author guides readers to exotic and not-so-exotic places.
The green spiny cactus contrasts with the exotic deep reds and oranges of the delicate bougainvillea.
Because cures for the exotic viruses are so rare, researchers are anxious to make progress.
What makes Arabian music sound so exotic is the infinite varieties of pitch which the oud can achieve.
Its vividly colored banks are known for their exotic fish.
Like a bounty of exotic fruit, Miami has something for every taste.
For a look at some exotic aquatic creatures, check out our slide show.
His novels are often set in exotic locations and usually treat exploiters and those they exploit.
Further, some boomers are suffering the aftereffects of those exotic vacations — some may even have mounted Everest themselves.
In criticism, though its use is increasing, it has still an exotic air.
His patio features exotic furnishings, flamboyant plants, and the colors of a lush lagoon.
Ground-hugging furnishings are informal, feel exotic, and don't block garden views.
Spicy sausage, sweet potato, and saffron lend an exotic touch to this otherwise simple chowder.
If it's not a thrilling project, maybe you could find an exotic locale in which to work on it.
After dinner, over coffee and dessert, he relayed an amusing story about an extended trip he'd taken to some exotic spot.
What if boosters or trustees want to start up a club of exotic dancers who happen to be students.
She wants to give you directions, provide local weather reports, and locate the closest sources of exotic cuisine.
They will then learn about some of the ways that exotic or invasive species can threaten the balance of the ecosystem.
For example, neither exotic plants entering our communities nor polluted air from industrial areas observe borders.
Many exotic theories have been propounded to explain what happened to the missing travelers.
The plumage is prized throughout the world as an exotic decoration.
The booming trade in exotic pets is creating huge problems for conservation biologists.
The only people remotely qualified with the care of exotic pets are zookeepers.
Now exotic theories that suggest the existence of an era before the big bang are growing in number.
And a better understanding of exotic nuclei could even explain why the universe is rich in matter but almost devoid of antimatter.
Some are small exotic projects that at first blush seem nearly impossible.
And it reveals an exotic and extreme landscape that makes our home planet look pretty bland by comparison.
They reveal an exotic and extreme landscape that makes our home planet look pretty bland by comparison.
These latter pairs make up more exotic, short-lived particles seen in high-energy physics laboratories.
Molecular gastronomy-the use of scientific techniques to create exotic cuisine-is becoming a household term.
Previous experiments had managed the feat at ultra-cold temperatures, or by using exotic semiconductors such as gallium arsenide.
They might bear the stamp of processes now hidden from us, such as exotic particle decays.
All the exotic things seem on journeys then dance in our minds and let us see the immediate present in a new way.
Searching exotic environments and microbial genomes are among the innovative strategies being applied to the problem.
They discussed victimhood, writing as an exotic, and the decline of higher education.
The building manages the neat trick of seeming exotic but not bizarre.
His early works included a row of children's backpacks made from the skins of exotic animals.
The names of the shells were exotic, often somewhat sinister.
With each book, we've strayed slightly farther into territory increasingly exotic-one might even say alien.
But because an animal wags its tail and eats, nobody thinks there's anything wrong-not even to get into these big exotic animals.
Certain experiences can change your life: traveling to an exotic country, visiting an active volcano, floating through space.
Ultimately, the sale of exotic pets should be in question.
But that presumption began to change with the discovery of ever-more exotic creatures.
Their exotic blooms can be as small as a fingertip or as big as a dinner plate.
They are so exotic and speak so terribly and wear such awful clothes.
Then an odd and exotic new creature, a turtledove, is brought into the house and placed in a gilded cage.
Only much later, when they are in bed together, does he lean over and take a delicate nibble of that exotic ear.
In some exotic theories, the universe could be smaller than it appears because space curves in on itself.
The idea that a genetic component entered crucially into this was considered exotic, to put it mildly.
The warping of space-time is an exotic-sounding concept that is actually a part of everyday experience.
Antimatter was simply seen as exotic stuff in an eternal cosmos.
Among the exotic varieties are hairy paper, shiny paper, and paper so ethereal it seems to be made of fireplace ash.
Scientists have concluded that the vast bulk of the universe consists of exotic dark matter, a substance that emits no light.
The smaller bits eventually get plastered onto the leading edges of continents, giving them a fringe of exotic terranes.
Such a system is far more likely to be successful than an exotic infrared laser system.
When we're treating patients with exotic ailments, high-tech resources can sometimes teach us new lessons about old diseases.
Another model offers an even more exotic scenario for the formation of pulsar planets.
But quantum mechanics predicts a phenomenon even more exotic than electromagnetic vacuum fluctuations.
There are many exotic new ideas these days about where life originated.
The basic white grain spirit is enlivened by the slightly exotic flavors of juniper and other botanicals.
In one corner stands the leather cupboard, stocked with exotic skins in a rainbow of colours.
But as companies push their business into ever more remote locales, so they have sought protection against more exotic risks.
These rocks enriched the ground beneath them with exotic minerals.
By modern criminal standards, the group is hardly exotic.
Exotic foreign-currency products sold to retail investors reinforce the currency's upward trajectory.
Yet the word carries an aura of elaborate deception, mainly because it's foreign and exotic.
Any hole will be filled by exotic preference stock that will turn into common equity only as losses materialise.
She created an exotic persona, held court with cheetahs and tiger cubs and installed a coffin in her bedroom.
Financial innovation has a bad reputation at the moment, because exotic derivatives were one of the causes of the credit crunch.
When galactic cosmic rays enter the atmosphere, they smash into nuclei forming various kinds of exotic by-products.
That's handy because it allows engineers to recreate all kinds of exotic astrophysical objects in the lab.
Still, it's an exotic approach to an interesting problem.
One of the more exciting developments in computer science is the increased focus on exotic forms of computing.
Low-light applications currently use more exotic and expensive gallium arsenide.
Proposed exotic life chemistries lack a determining macromolecule conformation mechanism.
Nor are they based on anything as exotic as fuel cells.
However, many of these alternatives require exotic materials and totally new manufacturing processes.
Cutting-edge technology is no longer an exotic realm where experts rule.
If that's possible, then more exotic distortions ought to be possible too.
And that's with today's lithium ion batteries that are not exactly exotic.
The walls are inlaid with fishtanks stocked with exotic, brightly colored species from around the world.
He was not the first lobbyist to spread money around, or to throw fund-raisers, or to treat congressmen to exotic trips.
Lilly was an exotic in her younger years, a brunette with burning eyes and skin brown from the sun.
Y ou want to get away before fall descends, and you want something a little bit exotic.
There's really no other way to experience its strange and exotic cuisine.
To him, an exotic dish could provide the happiest of challenges.
Private military contractors also perform more exotic missions.
But beyond that, the truly exotic human modifications they considered yielded few practical possibilities.
These do require a candy thermometer, but no exotic ingredients or equipment.
In the good times, the strongest cities were close to capital that came from rising home prices and exotic financial products.
Even in the nineteenth century, skeptical scientists found his interest in exotic mental phenomena misguided, if not reckless.
Trips to exotic beach destinations have plummeted, but that doesn't mean students are staying in the library.
Back then, the melange of exotic locations and acres of nakedness seemed both daring and soothing.
Many restaurants are making upscale versions adding lobster, truffles or other exotic ingredients.

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