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Example sentences for exorbitant

Critics point out that the cost of the journey is exorbitant.
Moreover the amount of taxes that we have to bear from our salary is exorbitant.
He accused the microfinance groups of charging exorbitant rates.
The economy is in a process of readjustment, moving down from exorbitant highs.
Consumers who have paid such fees describe them as exorbitant.
To start I still think bonuses, if not exorbitant, are good.
The city has said it needed to hire about 300 firefighters for public safety reasons and to prevent exorbitant overtime costs.
Critics lambasted funeral homes for exorbitant markups on coffins and for charging four-figure service fees.
Given a blank check to buy a painting at auction, he spends an exorbitant amount on what appears to be a fake Manet.
Commercial banks tend to offer low interest rates and charge exorbitant fees.
Inherent in these concerns are financial consideration as anti-rejection medication costs can be exorbitant.
And their parents would rather not have to pay those exorbitant fees.
While this certainly isn't an exorbitant amount, custom work is a good bit more expensive.
No exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles or co-pays.
And the decade-long boom is slowing as concerns over inflation and exorbitant prices loom larger.
The catch is that you are always charged an arm and a leg for this convenience, and end up paying an exorbitant exchange rate.
The have-nots, if they can borrow at all, must pay exorbitant rates.
So far, the exorbitant privilege is allowing it to borrow short and lend long with no penalty.
Some of the new cancer drugs hold immense promise, but others have limited efficacy and are exorbitant.
Globalisation is also pushing up the already exorbitant cost of business education.
Many panel-makers have signed long-term contracts with silicon producers at exorbitant prices.
It is discriminating those who can ill afford the exorbitant membership fees.
Exorbitant student loans prevent gifted people from pursuing the ideals that motivated them to go to school in the first place.
In addition, insurers will not be permitted to increase premiums or charge exorbitant.
On the one hand you say the costs are exorbitant, and on the other hand you say the cost can't be determined.
And despite my high credit ratings, the interest rates are exorbitant.
We were penalized and charged their exorbitant interest rate.
The truth is only time-not miracle cures or exorbitant fees-can heal bad credit.
Many business dialogue programs charge exorbitant fees for participation.
They take advantage of immigrants who will unknowingly pay exorbitant fees for their services.

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