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Nor is it clear if the job offer is for a full time position at the advertized exit salary.
Entrance and exit ramps connect the streets at every intersection.
The heat and smoke, rising to ceiling height, had effectively hidden all exit signs.
Plus, when you exit one side you pop up on the other.
Private equity firms may finally have an exit strategy for deals made at the height of the buyout boom.
As with many things in life, the timing of an exit is crucial.
You'd want to roll off the table and head for the exit.
Each column wants to exit the border of the rectangle on the side opposite from where it comes.
Discuss the exits with your navigator, go around again if necessary, and then confidently wing off on the exit of your choice.
But if another enemy intercepts that floater, they'll scoop it up, and make a beeline for the exit.
Know two ways to exit from every room and how to get out of your house.
Burn the mouth, warm the stomach and burn again as they make their exit in a grande finale.
You've got to run your character around a series of levels, collect some doohickeys, then escape out the exit.
Fifteen protesters were arrested after forcing their way into the building and refusing orders to exit the lobby.
The park will then go into lockdown, and every exit from the park will be closed.
The consequences of being seen as looking for an exit can be positive, negative, or both.
There is no timetable and no exit plan, say the pessimists.
While almost all of it is harmless, avoid the losing team's supporters as they exit the pub or stadium after a soccer match.
Yes, the guy running the exit node can read the bytes that come in and out there.
And there are other exit routes into early retirement.
Once inside you tighten various cords and zippers until you have a narrow hole for your breath to exit.
One more reason, apart from the legroom and lack of children, to choose the exit row.
Negotiate a gracious exit from your program and take the job.
His exit from public life has been engineered with clinical precision.
Stay indoors until the shaking stops and you're sure it's safe to exit.
Deportees exit the deportation plane at the airport.
And x is the linear error generated because of the entrance or exit of the light into the attraction zone of that central object.
But he still clearly hated working for the company he'd sold himself to, and he's now managed to find a way to exit.
Exit by the white tiger habitat-at feeding time, if you're lucky.
However, ten people entered the museum when they found the fire exit stairs located at the back of it.
Not all of them have to exit by being a dinner though.
So his decision to head for the exit had more an air of victory than of forced departure.
Some of our favorites are the free tourist train that departs every hour from the exit.
Upon the lender's exit there will be students and parents who will be unable to pay for the school of their choice.
He wants to exit life in a cheerful and dignified way.
Heat turns into kinetic energy all the time in fast exit.
Its eye cameras have become obsessed with the glowing red exit sign over the workshop's door.
Keep going until you can go no further, exit the hotel and head right.
The first cave was horrific, but they were smart enough to build a spectacular escape exit.
The fifth and sixth cervical unite soon after their exit from the intervertebral foramina to form a trunk.
It is fine to find a way to exit, but not by playing on the emotions of a population that is under such tight control.
Then an integrated circuit compares the entrance and exit points to calculate the path of the light.
The technical device of a built-in exit might be superseded by the political reality of a built-in escalation.
And muffling this, uh, jet stream can't be done by conventional methods of baffling the flow since it will choke off the exit.
Officials also said the emergency exit was blocked by a new building next door.
Barriers to exit make it more difficult for a company to get out of a particular business than it would otherwise have been.
More likely than a bomb or a shootout is a plain old fire, in which case you will want to make a hasty exit.
One big danger in an emergency is that people will follow the crowd and all herd towards a single exit.
There is little doubt that it will be renewed, but pressure is growing for an exit strategy.
Her cabbie tells her she can beat the traffic by hopping out of the car and down an emergency staircase at the next exit.
The hot gases then exit, also in a vortex, to drive the turbine.
In practice there is no duty at all and that is a big problem because the policy has no exit door.
But prosecutors, who did not consider him a suspect, were equally surprised by his exit.
She was walking toward the only red exit sign still lit when she heard the sound of a ball going through a basket.
Not to mention the political pressure to exit the euro.
And that failure is for more unconscionable than any losing record or first-round playoff exit.
All the excitement had apparently gotten the animal turned around about which way the exit was.
It is not clear when she left the room since key card records do not show times of exit.
Take advantage of exit interviews, and diplomatically explain your stance.
Guests can climb the stairwell within the actual structure and exit at the observation deck located in the statue's crown.
Emergency exit seating cannot be booked online or via the call centre.
The iPod plugs into one end and the headphone cable threads around the loop to exit at the other end.
At night bats flit through the gaps at the top of the wall, do hairpin turns in the air, and exit again without slowing.
To exit, you need to close the program from within itself.
About half of all those asked to fill out exit poll questionnaires decline.
What appeals to many of the site's boosters is the simplicity of the exit.
Many private shops are under the gun to exit investments they made prior to the recession.
He dropped to his knees and started crawling to the exit.
They made us feel pressured, nervous, itchy to find an exit.
If you don't want to know plot details of those episodes, which have already aired, exit here.
West was forced to exit with a club, covered by the jack and king and ruffed in the closed hand.
West wins the first or second heart and can exit with a spade.
Lehman hopes to exit bankruptcy and begin paying back creditors in the next few months.
Employees must be able to open an exit route door from the inside at all times without keys, tools, or special knowledge.
Exit polls are surveys conducted by news organizations and others to determine how electors have voted.

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