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Two existing idioms are fused into a non-existent one.
There is not enough room for existing species to split into new ones.
Still, some environmentalists and coastal homeowners want to block new farms and have existing ones dismantled.
He has proposed a squarish tower, sensibly set as far back from the existing structure as the rather tight lot allows.
And half of major surgical complications are avoidable with existing knowledge.
The new primary election law makes many important changes in hitherto existing conditions.
The pandemic is growing in many places, and strains resistant to all existing drugs are emerging.
Molecular switches provide a route around existing gene patents.
Unfortunately, existing weather records do not allow for detailed scientific studies of extreme cold.
Forming these nano-scale features on the absorbing material might be possible as a drop-in step in existing production lines.
Even if more nuclear plants are not built, someone is going to have to run the existing ones until they are taken out of service.
Alternately, existing synapses can be strengthened to allow for increased sensitivity in the communication between two neurons.
These behaviors are what led many to think of viruses as existing at the border between chemistry and life.
Until then it is completely safe stored at existing nuclear plants.
Existing nearby facilities are not equipped to burn it.
But, in a second surprise, bitter compounds relaxed and opened airways better than any existing asthma drug.
Public anger at the existing system would create room for ideological and extremist alternatives to existing forms of government.
One could also imagine producing, again perhaps unwittingly, viruses that are immune to existing vaccines.
Office buildings are cramming more people into existing floors, but the increased population can slow elevator service.
AA would spread those frequencies over three routes, including two existing routes and one that would be new.
When a stock is split, existing shareholders get additional shares, and the share price is adjusted accordingly.
Acting on other warming agents will frequently be a more straightforward matter of adapting existing tools.
Sales of new and existing homes have fallen for three consecutive months.
Stretching existing resources would help only a little.
But it is possible to use the weights and bone sizes of existing species to make mathematical models of the relationship.
There is one last thing which is fundamentally wrong with existing copyright laws, and that is the length of protection.
We are asking for nothing to be added or taken away from the existing law.
The new database would also link up with several existing systems, some old and some new.
Second, it wants to see more money spent on building new roads and widening existing ones, mostly around traffic hotspots.
These obstacles make existing mines all the more valuable.
Developing countries can borrow existing technologies from countries that have already become rich.
Existing desalination plants do this in one of two ways.
And even a small amount of it, added to an existing gas-based recovery process, can make a useful contribution.
Also, the tubes could use existing rights of way alongside roads and railways.
Tie-ups are likely to start slowly, and will probably grow out of existing relationships.
Individuals with interdisciplinary background that complement existing departmental strengths are encouraged to apply.
The new organization would be able to build upon many existing relationships.
The compound is intended to develop close ties between the nation's higher-education system and existing science centers.
One candidate was in today and gave a presentation on new curricular directions in an existing program.
But even existing social supports will not allow full entry into the ivory tower.
And they're working without existing benchmarks and metrics.
Emanuel's finding defies existing models for measuring storm strength.
The new technique involves fusing a skin cell with an existing, laboratory-grown embryonic stem cell.
The project combined existing data on species relatedness and threat status to develop a list of a hundred top animals.
More efficiently use existing water resources and better control salinization to improve arid lands.
But existing materials are only able to harness the sun's visible light.
Repairs to the existing fence have been an exercise in futility, as mended segments are often torn down within hours.
Existing treatments, however, can't be turned off once they've been activated.
Few of the known existing neutron stars are pulsars.
However, existing observations couldn't offer clear proof for this theory-until now.
In some cases this means that it is easier to cut down forest for plantations rather than care for existing ones.
These could be the remains of a small moon or even ejected material from one of the existing ones.
Take your existing bike, and strap your tripod to its rack.
Make sure you've backed up any existing files on the drive before you format.
Existing law also focused less on the act of finning than on fishermen's fin-to-shark weight ratio.
Then choose to make a new album or add to an existing one.
The material not only allows for bendy e-books, but the material is also cheap compared to existing tech.
He gutted the insides and devised a way to fit existing electronics inside it.
Indeed, existing less-lethal munitions that rely on kinetic energy can be deadly, particularly if fired at close range.
It is often perceived as uptight and reactionary, mainly because its function is to uphold existing law.
Large companies benefit from big cost savings because existing laws allow them to group workers together in large risk pools.
So the sale-leaseback would not add to the debt of the company, but rather is a way to refinance some of our existing debt.
But we've already done the testing on the existing plants.
Now add an enormous amount of military and economic power and wealth onto that existing tendency, and you have a real problem.
Instead, it refinances existing treasuries by issuing new treasuries.
The problem is their complacency or resignation about existing only in and for a subculture.
The existing admissions system is also remarkably archaic.
One problem, from which many individual homebuyers suffered, is a straightforward gap in existing regulation.
That's why you don't feel that you are watching a film, you feel you are existing alongside a film.
Taken overall, the reform effort amounts to tinkering with the existing system rather than fundamentally reforming it.
His view now is that there is no valid argument from the present structure of language to the pre-existing structure of reality.
They are excited but frustrated because their observations don't fit existing theories.
Most such tailor-made systems modify existing alphabets, although some instead invent syllabaries.
And best of all, they could integrate into existing networks.
When the team cultured the changing cells alongside existing neurons, they slotted seamlessly in.
By the time they're detectable by any of our existing methods, they've already metastasized.
They can be used to treat existing diseases as well as being used as a preventative.
They are ignoring the requirement that any new theory has to accurately describe existing data.
The only marked discrepancy from existing published work lies in the correlation for first cousins.
But it might be possible to fill in gaps in the sensor network using existing communications cables.
If so, the strategy could be useful for later-stage degeneration, when the existing retina has lost much of its function.
The process is safer and can be integrated into existing manufacturing lines.
The work will be done in addition to, and not in place of, existing commercial work by both companies.
But other approaches tend to produce fragile wafers, and they can't be used with existing cell manufacturing equipment.
There are several existing ways to make organic circuits over large areas.
But existing terahertz devices tend to either emit or detect these waves.
By contrast, the amorphous or polycrystalline silicon transistors used in existing displays are not transparent.
It works in addition to the existing loyalty program, offering savings on top of the deals already advertised on store shelves.
It is not merely a product of convergence, technology's latest buzz word used to describe the combining of existing technologies.
Many had one or more co-existing medical or psychiatric conditions, including depression.
Instead, much of the initial funding will be spent improving and speeding up existing service.
Hotrods are homemade subversions of the existing order, mechanical folk art.
Certainly, no one is taking their existing funding relationships for granted.
But a true scientist will throw out the existing theory if they have a lot of data that cannot be explained.
Licensing, liability, and compliance at an existing healthcare facility during a healthcare surge.
In numerous ways, you are better off if you adhere to the existing situation.
Sure, the director is often somebody with an existing relationship with the playwright.

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