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The future itself would stand in grave danger, for the failure of nuclear deterrence could pose an existential threat to humanity.
Terrorism is an existential condition and won't be defeated militarily.
For a science writer, this quandary is something close to existential.
If privileged white folks grappling with existential angst fills you with dread, this is a movie to avoid.
It's not merely existential angst: his concern is more practical.
From the point of view of relativity, a shadow (having no mass) is a non-thing, an existential void.
The band's shoegaze-punk fusion is an existential scream, blending anguish and beauty until their difference becomes meaningless.
It is hard not to be shaken by the passionate honesty and existential weight of this work.
The lone individual who refuses to accept conformist norms--the artist, the rebel--lives in existential dread and isolation.
It has already been proven that our existential views are not so ballasted by science nor wealth.
Perhaps they annoyed you before, but now they present an existential problem.
The scope and existential implications of these ideas are immense.
On foreign-policy is- sues, however, they seem to lose their grip on the mundane and go into an uneasy existential wobble.
Simply try to lift the pistol to the screen and you will have an existential crisis of conscience.
They, too, have had to make monumental--even existential--decisions.
His existential predicament is, in other words, his own.
Hence the existential frisson: to miss salvation by a hair was to risk damnation.
His directorial debut comes packed with the usual existential despair, absurdist humor, and intellectual mischief.
Science fiction is an existential metaphor, that allows us to tell stories about the human condition.
Our dueling existential minds influence our beliefs and behaviors in different ways.
Any of these groups that begins to adopt a culture of existential guilt will inevitably wane in relation to other groups.
It is simply not true, especially of decisions related to existential crisis.
Once embarked upon, his journey became as much an existential quest as a natural-history trek.
Meanwhile, existential anxiety over preserving one's top-dog status tends to trap one in old, outdated habits.
But they are not, and never will be, an existential threat.
The absence of an existential threat may have made it too comfortable.
And the euro zone is on the precipice of an existential crisis.
Definition of existential state, possibly with links to more information and implementations.
We are thereby made to believe throughout the sequence in the sustained and real existential being of the speaker.

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