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Novelists are few and feeble and dramatists are non-existent.
Two existing idioms are fused into a non-existent one.
Shutter lag was basically non-existent, and images were sharp and nicely balanced in all situations.
My recollection of the evening is absolutely non-existent.
Streets flood almost immediately because drainage is almost non-existent.
The risk introduced by this pavement marking should be completely unacceptable given the virtually non-existent benefit.
These kinds of things create the atmosphere where dialog is effectively non-existent.
Most likely if something mechanically malfunctions the likely hood of survival is non existent.
All your cells will be dead, dna gone, memories non-existent.
Human activity effects on the environment were non existent back then.
Trying to find a doctor to help guide us through recovery was non-existent.
The entropy is produced as non-existent space-time becomes available to the universe.
And thinking that somehow finding non-existent aliens will change human nature and make everyone get along, guess again.
There have been times when polar ice caps have been non-existent.
Otherwise, continue futile attempts to explain the non-existent dark elements.
If there is no one there to perceive the consciousness moving then time is non existent therefore cannot move in any direction.
Any other scientific theory compared to evolution is practically non-existent.
Even if they were not, the capacity to see all sides of an argument is non existent due to lack of space.
The fact that it exerts its influence sparingly and privately does not make it non-existent.
Many drifted from town to town looking for non-existent jobs.
Slow, or non-existent, growth and falling prices are forcing some sectors into a new pragmatism.
But this relationship could be weak or even non-existent, after controlling for other variables.
To bat the ball with non-existent rackets, players held a bulky metal box equipped with a dial and a button.
Stop requiring tail lights, they used to non-existent.
Early studies of linguistic ability in apes concluded it was virtually non-existent.
Common complaints are of officials who pocket wages signed out for non-existent workers.
More accurately, they have been practically non-existent.
But this might all turn out to be a brilliant solution to a non-existent problem.
Unemployment was virtually non-existent and rural residents were banned from moving into urban areas.
Trust even between moderates is minimal, and national reconciliation non-existent.
It looks as if their core business is a solution to a non-existent problem.
Since the demise of the old system, health-insurance coverage has been patchy and in rural areas mostly non-existent.
But as far as permanent physical damage is concerned, the evidence is negligible to non-existent.
Can't believe you are bragging about a non-existent language.
Salaries have been frozen and bonuses meagre or non existent for years.
Despite this, the political will for making trade freer seems almost non-existent.
Meanwhile, the online offer of music and movies is non-existent.
In government employment, individuals' power to negotiate higher wages is utterly non-existent.
Okay, there's inflation risk but that was non-existent at the time and besides the government isn't guaranteeing inflation risk.
The sort of fraud these laws would prevent is virtually non-existent.
One could work out many reasons, some of them existent and known since long, others new.
The offense is frighteningly non-existent, but if you're desperate for blocks, he could fill a fantasy need in some roto leagues.
Domestic service is said to be virtually non-existent.
Winter weather consists primarily of drizzle with rare to non-existent snow.
Fortunately, the evidence is non-existent outside of right-wing websites.
Beyond that, connections are virtually non-existent with the flight times.
Wind noise is practically non-existent, with no predominant source of sound, even from the side mirrors.

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