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Real-world math problems: for many of us, they were the bane of our existence during high school.
The world will be a better place to live in by virtue of his existence and his presence.
Nevertheless, speculation continued over the existence of some form of life, in either the present or past.
Obviously, one cannot provide evidence for the non-existence of anything.
The very existence of this planet, however, is controversial.
Disney World is known as the happiest place on earth, and children all over the world rejoice in its existence.
Obsessed with the utter mystery of human existence, he made connections where others saw nothing to pause over.
It has confirmed the existence of thousands of remote galaxies and of black holes.
He is today's outlaw celebrity, living a nomadic existence with his family.
The city came into existence because of the railroad in 1886.
With the existence of the railroad, the farmers could transport their crops to the most profitable markets.
Their customers are their reason for existence.
But shrinking habitats threaten the existence of bees and many other wild creatures.
Let us consider now a second two-dimensional existence, but this time on a spherical surface instead of on a plane.
Owing to the smallness of the effect in the case of the sun, it is difficult to form an opinion as to its existence.
Inject a few raisins of conversation into the tasteless dough of existence.
In that sense, the soul is meaningful to many of us without any scientific verification of its existence.
But believing that such an approach rests on the existence of multiple intelligences has real risks.
The position has become indispensable, no matter that many people on campus are unaware of the safety officer's existence.
Please do not compound the problem of these two relational existence to let the remains of complexity and confusion be checked.
There are other possible ultimate explanations for the existence of individuality.
We must ask ourselves a series of questions that are critical to our existence.
Of course the existence of this factor can also be a problem in terms of pressure on you to perform.
Yet their surreal existence as shareholder-owned prisoners of the state looks likely to drag on for years.
Make no mistake, the existence of these trials alone changes behaviour.
The usual explanation for the existence of the premium ran as follows.
His book is a call for scientists to exercise humility when faced with the awe of the mystery of existence.
It is often considered that her existence was so dull as to defy narration.
These traits, however, did not spring into existence fully formed.
The existence of such cancer stem cells is still a matter of debate.
Sporting advantage notwithstanding, therefore, the existence of left-handedness poses a problem for biologists.
Perhaps the existence of more agencies would encourage issuers to shop around for the firm with the weakest standards.
Only bones and other rare traces of their existence remain.
Paleontologists disagree about what the existence of polar dinosaurs says about the asteroid-winter scenario.
Absolutely, but in order to confirm their existence, particularly strong evidence is required.
Two political parties scrambled into existence after the decree.
At that time the horse was still central to humankind's existence.
Everything about albatrosses underscores the difficulty of eking out an existence in their environment.
Therefore, there are only a handful of people who even knew of their existence.
But the steady improvement of internal-combustion engines threatened their existence.
Getting proof of the ivory-bill's existence was harder than anyone expected.
Yet this bit of film is one of the rarest in existence.
The existence of so many polar dinosaurs, however, shows that some dinosaurs were capable of occupying cold regions.
It says in the article that there are still a couple dozen of these photos in existence.
Thousands of people claim to have seen the hairy hominoid, but the evidence of its existence is fuzzy.
They are all expressions of a living planet, still changing after billions of years of existence.
But instead of hailing the find as possible evidence of the monster's existence, scientists now think it a hoax.
For example, major changes in diet occurred as nomadic hunter-gatherers slowly shifted to a settled agricultural existence.
However, subsequent efforts to confirm the existence of this population failed.
Particle collisions hint at existence of undiscovered gluon.
Programs that permit the donation of good, unused drugs to the needy owe their existence to the lobbying by families of patients.
For more than a century, claims have been made for the existence of psi, or psychic phenomena.
Prehistoric creatures left seemingly endless proof of their existence fossilized in age-old rocks.
Now exotic theories that suggest the existence of an era before the big bang are growing in number.
Increasingly, if reluctantly, there seems to be a growing awareness that nothing in existence stands alone.
Its existence was unknown and undreamed of until a few years ago.
The evidence for the soul tends to be much more subjective in nature which thus causes some to disregard it's existence at all.
At last, somebody has made available the best notebook sleeve in existence.
Dishes that became but reading recipes in old books have been brought back to existence.
In modern physics, the world-line is a concept that signifies the path a physical object follows during its existence.
But in the cities this communal existence no longer holds.
The existence of the supernatural, if accepted, testifies to the existence of that other world so desperately desired.
What it takes to succeed as a thriller writer-even when the literary establishment doesn't acknowledge your existence.
The nature of agape stands out sharply against the background of ordinary social existence.
Society has concluded that prisons are in existence to punish and isolate the lawless.
He builds subtle mechanisms that magnify and reflect on aspects of existence.
The idea is that instead, within each brain, different selves are continually popping in and out of existence.
There are better ways for countries to make the transition from one phase of existence to another.
And it is doubtful if there were any regularly educated attorneys who practiced in the courts of the colony during its existence.
In a better world, poetry would need no justification beyond the sheer splendor of its own existence.
Liang also demonstrated to officialdom that they need not view the mere existence of citizen groups as an outright threat.
Yet this humbling bodily fluid is powerful and critical to our existence.
Critics say it doesn't even qualify as a scientific theory because the existence of other universes cannot be proved or disproved.
By killing their grandfather, the time-traveler erases themselves from existence.
In this model, each round of existence-each cycle from one collision to the next-stretches about a trillion years.
Those remaining behind eked out an existence on the land.
Theorists have been banking on the existence of extra dimensions for years.
Instead, they will abruptly wink out of existence when temperatures reach tipping points.
There must have been a reason for the city's existence.
But it cannot be too heavy, or the theories that predict its existence would not work.
String theory may also offer an alternative picture of the first moments of existence.
More shocking, it posited a universe that would explain its own existence.
What makes these systems so different from the relationship between a general and his troops is the existence of feedback.
The rock was colonized by bacteria that led a miserable existence.
Instead it is human nature that has invested these terrors of the flesh with worth to make existence bearable.
These models presume the existence of one essential reality that prevails with us or without us.
As his characters infect each other with the high temperature of their existence, so they infect us.
And above all, not a single existence, not anyone's existence in this world.
He finds possessions oppressive and has tirelessly pursued an existence in which he would be free of all burdens.
They argue for the high value of ordinary existence, with its mixed motives and resistance to simplification.
The only way to make a living was to publish, for starvation wages, in the few magazines that had come into existence.
They live in near-constant silence, stoically bearing the drudgery of their hand-to-mouth existence.
The story describes the empty despair of suburbia, the lack of meaningful existence, of romance and human dignity.
Even his awareness of his own existence has vanished.
The premise behind it is that every part of a star's existence belongs to the media-and to the public.
Both are comic writers, properly snagged in the mundane, whose fiction has too often been etherealized out of existence.
The mathematical foundations of electronics predict the existence of four fundamental electronic devices.
Hence the interest in another way of explaining our existence.
But exactly how this would affect the way they spring in and out of existence isn't clear.
It's easy to be fooled by the evidence of our own existence.
He wanted to examine future programs that would justify its existence, but everyone else wanted to focus on the architecture.
According to quantum mechanics, any vacuum will be filled with electromagnetic waves leaping in and out of existence.
Entanglement is the strange quantum phenomenon in which objects become so closely linked that they share the same existence.
Foot is one of the leading proponents of mirror matter and says other observations also point to its existence.
We have humans as existence proof that it works extremely well.
The technique relies on the strange quantum phenomenon called entanglement, in which two particles share the same existence.
Talking, it seemed to me, was the point of adult existence.
Scientists find the vision attractive, since it gives them a purpose for their existence and an unending supply of jobs.
Myths come into existence to answer a question or to serve a purpose, and one may wonder what purpose was served by this myth.
Devoid of human existence, these poignant photographs pay homage to the decrepit film sets that once breathed with energy.
When questioned by the press, government officials denied the group's existence.
One thing we're grateful for: the existence of channel changers.
The main one was the sheer stubborn existence of so many people whom the system had disregarded.
There is no public record of their existence or their results.
Until now, the existence of the cell-phone plan has remained a secret.
They are something much more ancient and primordial, living on a different plane of existence.
The jet rose and disappeared into the sunlight and then glinted back into existence as it dove.
Soon they were to change irreversibly the faces of biology and medicine and bring modern biotechnology into existence.

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