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The first signs that life can exist in the deepest seas were nets full of mangled goo.
Nuclear bombs cleverly concealed in suitcases don't exist in real life.
Today it's perhaps too cold for life to exist there.
As with other life forms, they exist to reproduce, and does so about every hour.
However, the animal called the immortal jellyfish does exist, and it possesses an unusual ability to prolong its life.
It's more likely they've found a new way life can exist and that evidence for these conditions exists on other worlds.
Perfect happiness is something which doesn't exist in this life.
While elitism is steadily disappearing from the landscape of privileged life, it does continue to exist in pockets.
Such equality, we are told, is an unpractical ideal that cannot actually exist.
At the Equator a region exists that is wet all year.
The brain will find patterns or images where none really exist.
Algae, bacteria and even animals exist in similar conditions in Antarctica, .
These slow-moving creatures exist mostly in spring-fed or brackish waters.
One cannot exist without the other.
Just because you don't agree with them doesn't mean said reasons don't exist.
Evolution, by it's very nature, does not exist in a vacuum.
If advertisers didn't exist, many of your favorite sites would fold.
Some nature reserves exist, but not enough to fully protect this ecoregion's biodiversity.
And though there aren't many restaurants in the towns here, the few that exist are superb.
Therefore a simple and poor society can exist as a democracy on a basis of sheer individualism.
Neuromuscular spindles have not yet been demonstrated in the tongue muscles, and only a few exist in the ocular muscles.
In the many-worlds view, both of these universes exist regardless.
So they were able to show that the universe does indeed exist when it is not being observed.
It seems likely that the danger of a winner's curse does exist in scientific publishing.
The fresh outs are willing to work for less and they are up to date on the stuff that didn't exist when you were in school.
Antimatter cannot be the perfect opposite of matter, otherwise neither would exist at all.
So perhaps the money did exist, but has since been spirited out of the company.
Huge inequalities exist between the richest and poorest within many countries.
If the school were to close, there would be little reason for the town to exist at all.
Futures and options markets for equities either do not exist locally or barely trade.
And the facilities that do exist are spread thin, often covering large areas and crossing town and county lines.
Rather, the question is how regulations might help engineered crops exist beside conventional and organic ones.
But processes exist to screen foreign investments on those grounds.
Well the government can say all they want that they do not exist here but in fact they do.
As soon as this time machine is built, time travel will commence, and continue to exist until someone turns off the machine.
The high hopes for this newfangled idea still resonate in the one piece of mail known to exist from that day's attempt.
Ballad sheets are a printed song format that doesn't exist any longer.
The original photons ceased to exist once the replicas were created.
The highest level of genetic diversity in modern dogs should exist in the region where the animals first came under human control.
The dog evolved in the company of humans and cannot exist without them.
But few, if any, records exist from that time to detail that shroud's whereabouts.
Though few ligers exist, they may not exactly be endangered, since they are not thought to exist in the wild.
The superheated gases that form the sun, mainly hydrogen and helium, exist in an electrified state called plasma.
The shared traits exist despite the fact that crows and humans sit on distinct branches of the genetic tree.
Many scientists and philosophers are convinced that free will doesn't exist at all.
Other bubbles exist out there, disconnected from ours.
Vulnerabilities exist in every system and there are two kinds: known and unknown.
It seems to exist throughout the solar system on bodies with various compositions.
But no agreements exist today that would effectively stop a country producing more nuclear material for weapons.
Quantum computers can do wondrous things: too bad they do not exist yet.
These dwarfs had long been predicted to exist, but they have only recently been spotted in space.
But that idea does not explain why population-wide trends for handedness exist in the first place.
Administrators exist to facilitate and support the work of professors with students.
Typically, there is no negotiating if pay schedules and/or collective bargaining exist at the school in question.
Plenty of other barriers to innovation exist in higher ed.
These committees also exist to protect those who raise accusations, including vulnerable doctoral students.
One point that needs to be clear is that they exist on a continuum.
Basically, all wine names exist only as guides or warnings or guarantees for the benefit of the consumer.
The bacteria naturally exist in our environment and have been found in powdered formula and milk.
The cells could potentially be used for future medical treatments, although no embryonic-stem-cell-based treatments exist yet.
Hybrid electric technologies already exist for buses, but hydraulic hybrids offer additional advantages.
Alternatives to rare earths exist for some technologies.
The necessary technology for large-scale manufacturing at the single-atom scale doesn't exist yet.
Safer materials for lithium-ion batteries already exist and are available in products such as power tools.
According to some theories, our cosmos may exist in parallel with other universes in other sets of dimensions.
Thus the future does exist along the timeline which makes this feasible.
The general thinking is that these conditions can only exist at a certain distance from the star--the so-called habitable zone.
The cap-and-trade program does not yet exist: it will need to be established in future legislation.
Which may mean that stable white holes cannot exist in empty space.
It also seems that based on some previous comments, the number of databases that exist with definitions must be enormous.
Anyone wondering where such a form of matter might exist would naturally think if the centre of neutron stars.
Algorithms exist to do quick and efficient flight search in milliseconds.
Such cells exist to work under pressurized conditions to over several thousands of psi.
Time may not have a beginning-and it might not exist at all.
As fantastic creatures that really did exist, dinosaurs excite our imaginations.
If so, then genetic molecules had to exist before membranes.
Fur seals were almost driven to extinction by hunters and now exist only in this archipelago.
But the economy doesn't exist, in the end, to reward virtue and punish vice.
We are social in a more elemental way: simply to exist as a normal human being requires interaction with other people.
They had unexpectedly become younger and seemed to exist in a brighter light.
Theirs and many other ancient texts exist only in fragments.
For pure photography to exist, it must live outside or beyond language, which means reducing it to its literalness.
Universities exist to discover and transmit knowledge.
It didn't exist, but after it was posted they came by all the time, asking and asking.
If something exists in one place, it will exist everywhere.
The judiciary is controlled by the executive, and the flawed laws that exist are selectively enforced.
The concept of unconditional surrender did not exist in law.
If one attends a violin-piano recital, on conventional modern instruments, the question of balance can exist on several levels.
Performance value may exist independently of any object with which that performance value has been fused.
At this time, the festival did not yet exist as such, so everything had to be invented.
Teachers cease to exist the moment they leave the school building.
It's weird to think that there was a time when those creatures didn't exist in our world.
It could have existed and could continue to exist forever.
There is no question in my mind but that a certain chemistry does exist between us.
They still exist-and they're a much better band than they were at the beginning, by the way.
They exist exclusively for people or businesses with the money to buy and maintain private planes.
Six atoms may seem minuscule--especially if they exist for only fractions of a second--but they can have huge implications.
We exist by storytelling--by relating our situations--and the test of our evolution may lie in getting the story right.
Photos distort members' faces and seemingly exist to only enhance a secretive aura.

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