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Both were forced into exile by a coup soon after.
It was a party, and we weren't invited, exiled to watch from afar.
He had been, for all intents and purposes, an old drunk who had abandoned his family and lived in exile.
Most pizza these days has a barely visible layer of sauce -- it's as though the sauce has gone into exile.
With her husband in exile for similar beliefs, the family quickly attained pariah status from the swimming-pool set.
Advocates are trying to restore the reputation of comic books after 50 years in exile.
His global outlook, however, forced him into exile in 1970.
The things we learned in exile made us more creative musicians .
Tibetan exiles in neighboring India, meanwhile, held a similar protest .
The defendant is a defenseless, proscribed exile.
For the leeches, use some techniques that many civilizations have practiced: reform them and if that doesn't work, exile them.
We need to exile this antiquated, prejudiced type of thought as quickly as possible.
She supposedly watched the procession from afar and immediately returned to exile.
But other laws forbid condemned citizens to be deprived of life, and allow them to go into exile.
The particulars of his life in an uncongenial diplomatic exile need not concern us.
For the real exile, foreignness is not an adventure but a test of endurance.
Most exile groups, however, are relatively well off.
But the belief was growing that the army was forcing him into exile.
It is easy enough to say that they are both about landscape and exile, memory and grief.
Then again, if he really wanted exile, he would have left already.
The opposition group in exile is working on them already, and maybe they are not perfect yet.
Banished from their homes and shunned by their families, these former witches must live out the rest of their days in exile.
Other times, a government in exile can form entirely outside the nation it wants to govern.
For them, every day spent in exile or flight is a day too long.
It turns out they're not all condemned to eventual exile.
We are the generation that grew up in war and exile.
The move could bolster the power and authority of the government-in-exile.
Many of its members were until recently in jail or blacklisted and in exile out of the country.
He too accepts his guilt and, in his own manner, takes the lonely road of exile.
Neither in exile nor in the country itself is there anybody who even faintly resembles a genuine opposition leader.
He received the customary award for disagreeing with his bosses: exile.
And it is bad news that he felt pushed by the constant threat of prison at home to choose between silence and exile.
In that tenth winter of your exile the cold never letting go of you.
The regime tried for decades to silence him, to keep him hidden in internal exile.
His life as a diplomat, an exile, and sometimes a fugitive was not an easy one.
Instead she was diagnosed with leprosy and sent into exile.
Another form of intimidation for dissidents, used mostly during the second half of the nineteenth century, was exile.

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