exhume in a sentence

Example sentences for exhume

Among the stranger pursuits of science these days is the effort to exhume dead celebrities.
The commission decided not to exhume the bodies because it was costly and probably too late.
Barbara said the family was still deciding whether to exhume her body for an independent autopsy.
It would be possible to exhume the body and search for hantavirus rna.
Unable to collect any pension money without that card, the widow attempts to exhume the body.
Someone who not only knows where the bodies are buried but also knows how to exhume them.
Unlike in the previous year, there were no reports that prisoners were forced to exhume bodies.
The investigator had received training in how to exhume human remains and process an arson scene.
High-discharge events may exhume such isolated pools and deliver additional contaminants to discharge points.
After you've got drainage material put on top of a landfill liner system, it's impossible to exhume it.
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