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Example sentences for exhibition

Must have a significant exhibition history, and/or achievement in publications and scholarship.
Among the lessons to be learned at this exhibition is that not all attributions are necessarily for ever.
More startling than the displays themselves are some of the individuals walking the floor at the exhibition.
Visit our photo gallery of some of the pieces from the exhibition.
Exhibition daylilies don't normally bloom as prolifically as simpler yellow ones.
The collective exhibition will be partially set up using tablets to show to the public these new ways of making art.
Two new books and a exhibition offer the opening salvo in what will be a continuing barrage.
There are many more modest objects in the exhibition.
The line between exhibition space and viewer space is sometimes clear and sometimes not.
Not every art exhibition doubles as a summer vacation planner.
All videos made during the exhibition will be on view inside the gallery.
Film exhibition was until recently a humdrum business.
Come view a stunning exhibition of the stories that shape our world.
In addition to the exhibition, there is also an illustrated companion book and a comprehensive online version of the exhibition.
See pictures of the exhibition space after the jump.
The exhibition encourages the viewer to engage not only with the art works but also with their extraordinary historic setting.
Out of its work came a harrowing exhibition of photographs and accounts by survivors.
Experience curating major exhibitions on photography, creating exhibition catalogs, and exhibition-related public programming.
When you go to an exhibition of new paintings, you are not a free agent.
It has been by turns exalted and decried, and the manner of its exhibition has not always been wisely considered.
Thence comes a new intellectual exaltation, to be again rebuked by some new exhibition of character.
Both were moved, no doubt, by the exhibition of so much grief.
We have already encountered this sensation in exhibition dreams, but have as yet made no serious attempt to interpret it.
In an exhibition that hopes to show a serious artist at his best, the difference is important.
But even they are not the real core of the exhibition.
The solitary gold vase in the exhibition is radiantly elegant.
Indeed, the exhibition comes with a stultifying amount of medical information.
The catalyst was a food-in-art exhibition at a local museum.
Drawn largely from the museum's collection, the exhibition focusses on art made.
If during the exhibition the price of gold doubles, you'll be selling six million dollars' worth of gold for five million dollars.
For each night of the exhibition, billionaires have arranged intimate dinners for trusted members of their inner circles.
Capote never quite recovered from that sad exhibition.

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