exhaust fan in a sentence

Example sentences for exhaust fan

Doctor, a couple of my team members want you to turn on the exhaust fan before starting the autopsy.
Code does not require installation of an exhaust fan if a remodel does not change the existing ventilation system.
The fire was believed to have originated in an exhaust fan above the vending machines.
Install new electric unit heater, exhaust fan and motor operating damper and louver for new pump house extension.
The exhaust fan current monitoring is a part of this item.
The first option would be to use an existing exhaust fan and exhaust to the roof.
Kitchen exhaust fan covers can keep air from leaking in when the exhaust fan is not in use.
Adequate ventilation for all bathrooms should be accomplished by an exhaust fan in lieu of a window.
Provide filter section in exhaust air stream before the exhaust fan due to space constraints.
Inspects inbound bathrooms to ensure an exhaust fan is present in the absence of windows.
The exhaust fan to the dark room must be light tight.
Exhaust fan with correct airflow capacity and quiet operation features.
Provide a bathroom exhaust fan for each bathroom, including exhaust ductwork and exhaust grilles for each bathroom.
These are microwave oven and exhaust fan hood combination units that are installed above ranges.
The cabinet exhaust fan must be interlocked with the building exhaust fan.
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