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Paradoxically, doing more exercise is likely to improve your energy.
No one, at any age, who is not used to exercise should begin suddenly and strenuously.
Many studies have linked exercise with improved brain health later in life.
He has counseled her on what to eat and how to exercise.
Each exercise is well described and illustrated.
You get the most benefit from exercise if you do it for at least 60 minutes a day for 5 - 6 days a week.
You've probably promised yourself to get off the couch and get some exercise.
This is a grand exercise in labeling and filtering students with arbitrary grades rather than teaching them.
New study links exercise to greater longevity.
All newspaper editors, having common sense, exercise censorship while keeping an eye on circulation.
He is among airline passengers who squeeze in a little exercise during layovers or flight delays.
Sarcasm seems to exercise the brain more than sincere statements do.
Long freed of financial restraints, he has long had that option, though he hasn't chosen to exercise it.
Now she went over to the exercise ring to see how dry the ground was, in case the five-o'clock pupil did show up.
His grimly businesslike speech was a gritty, almost masochistic exercise in the taking of responsibility.
More problematically, the novel is also an exercise in literary antiquarianism.
Although doctors recommend regular exercise to maintain a healthy heart, long-term athletic training comes with risks.
Whether you rely on your bike for transportation or exercise, you'll enjoy these ten fun facts on this two-wheeled vehicle.
Repeat this exercise for each piece of sushi offered.
Exercise and healthful foods can help the heart do its job.
Repairs to the existing fence have been an exercise in futility, as mended segments are often torn down within hours.
Frequently exercise arms, legs, fingers and toes to keep blood circulating.
Commune members rise early and get lots of fresh air and exercise.
Fisher says this exercise works wonders for some couples.
Although it's such a simple exercise, it takes all of your focus and coordination to stand on the line.
He must, by custom and repeated exercise of self-mastery, get his nerves thoroughly under control.
In this exercise he was truly impressive, for he had enormous strength as well as speed and grace.
Above all, the army must be given the chance to exercise in large bodies.
Rhyme in a thumping rhythm seems to be not merely his trade but his morning exercise.
The only surgeon was one who combined the occasional exercise of that noble art with the daily and habitual flourish of a razor.
The larger point of this exercise was to clarify and examine each individual argument against the practice.
And raising funding costs is partly the point of the exercise.
But this shouldn't be merely an exercise in empathy.
Such programmes used to involve little more than a few leaflets urging staff to exercise, eat less and quit smoking.
They would move to the next polling station and repeat the exercise.
It produces a bigger pie and allows more people to exercise their creative talents.
Governments have the power, all right, but they do not always exercise it wisely.
Proper nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle factors must all be taken into account.
Day-time activities and exercise facilities in jails are often minimal, as are conditions for family visits.
For telecoms companies, however, it has been an expensive and somewhat disappointing exercise.
For countries that care about such things, being shamed by nerds is a useful exercise.
The exercise was a nation-building imperative, but it got off to a bad start.
Joining a gym in order to exercise can be a commitment.
If they do the exercise often enough, they might start reading that way from the get-go.
We suggest that you exercise caution when deciding to disclose any personal or confidential information in an e-mail message.
Getting around to implementing my still-not-implemented commitment to physical exercise.
It is her turn to perform the exercise they have all been asked to prepare and have had a week to do.
The challenges exercise the designers' ability to follow directions and remain true to their own vision and style.
And noticing that invisible gorilla was the real point of the exercise.
Some felt the problems could be resolved through the proper exercise of willpower.
We exercise our strengths over and over again and avoid our clumsy, less developed qualities.
The professor repeated the exercise with the same student.
However, vigorous exercise carries risks that people should discuss with a doctor.
How exercise affects body weight is one of the more intriguing and vexing issues in physiology.
Exercise-induced asthma occurs when exercise triggers coughing, wheezing, or shortness of breath.
Home aerobic exercise machines can be adapted to any fitness level and used day or night.
For years, researchers have known that exercise can affect certain moods.
Exercise has positive benefits for those who have diabetes.
Exercise should be considered as part of a broader program to return to normal home, work, and social activities.
Without a doubt, exercise at any time of the day beats no exercise at all.
As the benefits of exercise increasingly come under scientific scrutiny, the limitations are also becoming apparent.
At best, exercise can weight the odds in your favor.
Exercise in which your heart beats faster and you breathe faster helps lower your blood sugar level without medication.
Thirty percent longer time until exhaustion when wearing them during exercise.
Endurance exercise has been shown to boost the levels of chemical messengers that promote growth and reorganization in the brain.
But hiring professional ship-protectors beats the alternative: an endless, pointless military exercise.
Regular exercise leads to numerous and varied physiological changes that are beneficial from a health standpoint.
They typically affect the large muscles of the legs during or immediately after exercise and last for seconds to a few minutes.
They attended weekly group sessions and were told to engage in moderate exercise for half-an-hour a day.
Most importantly it seems to say exercise and healthy diet that promote blood flow to the brain and all vital organs seem to help.
None of the participants were advised to change their exercise habits.
And in humans, aerobic exercise has been found to boost cognitive function in the elderly.
Whether sedentary lifestyles are part of the cause or not, people need to exercise more than they do now anyway.
There are many proven therapies for what you are describing, from diet and exercise to medication and behavior therapies.
Eat right and exercise, conventional wisdom has it, if you want to avoid joining the diabetes epidemic.
The idea that a quantum event can spawn countless universes is an exercise in vanity.
You're trying to exercise willpower-to avoid eating that second piece of cake or buying an electronic toy you don't really need.
One group learned about the lifestyle-related causes of obesity, such as dietary and exercise habits.
Then a new group of subjects completed the same writing exercise.
Stress reduction can be achieved by exercise, being with family and friends and meditation.
The actual cholesterol levels are determined by a number of factors, including heredity, diet and exercise.
Anyone who needs yet another article telling them to eat right and exercise is not going to do any way.
If such a strain existed, building tolerance would be a simple exercise in breeding.
They don't get out enough and do not get enough exercise.
Louis is part of a new club that takes exercise for the brain every bit as seriously as exercise for the body.
Later studies show strenuous exercise could be an age preserver.
Begin by taking stock of your eating and exercise habits.
Exercise and a healthy diet switch that ratio and keep arteries clear.
Of course, it's not always easy to exercise restraint when it comes to dessert.
Healthcare professionals usually endorse a balanced diet plus regular exercise as the formula for fitness.
But he is also aware that his partner has the same option, and that if both of them exercise it, neither will be granted immunity.
And yet nobody knows how best to persuade the human race to exercise self-restraint.
To the marketing executive, it's the whole point of the exercise.
As part of a commendable exercise regime, each has resolved.
Short of that, he felt machines could be trained to exercise a limited kind of personal judgment.
Let me try your patience with an exercise in imagination.
It is a story of power and its exercise, though not in the usual pejorative sense.
Caloric restriction and exercise slow muscle decline in mice.
It's good for kids to go outside and get exercise and sunlight, but there's a lot going on inside these days.
Modifying the weather may seem a hubristic exercise.
Saving gas, reducing traffic, and promoting exercise and health.
The article is merely a mathematical exercise that has nothing to do with the human spirit.
Sort of puts after-the-fact data mining into perspective as being an exercise in meaning futility.
It should be an easy exercise for you to read from the diagram what an observer outside the train sees.
While their meandering, dotty conversation is endearing and enlightening, following along is an exercise in stamina.
Part of the holy war was, as it were, an exercise in philosophical cleansing.
Authoritarianism needs authoritative statements in order to exercise its power.
The exercise of state power must be authorized by the people.
After completing this straightforward exercise, you may permit your eyes a modest excursion.
All of which suggests a remarkably sophisticated exercise at nation building through art.
They spent two days talking about foreign affairs and sweating side by side on a variety of exercise machines.
The exercise of authority requires consent, and rests on a moral position.
It is quite another thing for the authorities to exercise these powers.
Weight-bearing exercise is another great step toward osteoporosis prevention.
Or explore physical exercise programs, because they've also been found to be effective in combating depression.
Comparing studies is often an exercise in comparing apples and oranges.
Nowadays there are a lot of wellness programs in which people are incentivized to engage in exercise and other healthy behaviors.
At first glance one would think it could be a plane going down, a military flare or missile exercise.
As children learned to write, local walls served as giant exercise books where they could practice their alphabets.
We're starting to have games for exercise, games for meeting other people.
There are two prongs to that, the free exercise and the establishment clause.
There must be some benefit, for producing that much silk would be a costly exercise.
So the idea of pulling them out to compare with us defeats the whole point of the exercise.
Quite often, the cage was door was left open to allow them to exercise.
Good academic exercise but it won't work in real life.
Exercise and keep calories at the correct level, and sodium and cholesterol intake will not be a problem.
But little by little he got back on his feet and became a fitness advocate for those who struggle with an exercise regimen.
For many beginners, establishing an exercise routine can be a daunting, intimidating and even emotional experience.
Excess enthusiasm could brim over so get plenty of exercise and find appropriate outlets for your energy.
It really is all about calories in calories out and exercise.
There's research showing that exercise can increase concentration, which can also help you get your work done.
Eat what you want in moderation and exercise every day.
For the remainder of this exercise, you can use the compiler command of your choice unless indicated otherwise.
It includes an exercise log to help you track your mileage.
Regular exercise provides both mental and physical health benefits.
It's easy to tell people to make exercise part of their daily routine.
Exercise, eating and smoking behaviors were recorded and reviewed with blood samples.

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