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The universities had argued for the exemption because they receive a mix of private and public money.
If that were not enough, the universities' non-commercial research exemption is also in trouble.
That's where you put your money that is in excess of the exemption from estate and probate taxes and fees.
Furthermore, if you provide a detour around algebra, you provide an exemption from abstract thinking.
The bigger the tax exemption for each sale, the bigger the available downpayment for the nearly simultaneous subsequent purchase.
Even if the exemption is granted, it would be good only for three years.
Newspapers later regained their exemption while the tax was extended to the sale of all magazines.
Exemption from law could end under planned legislation.
So he has taken advantage of an exemption for owner-operated bars with no employees, and made his employees part-owners.
The difficulties gays have in winning exemption from military service.
They're doing this under the exemption to the rule mentioned in an earlier post about foundation accounts.
They include a five-year holiday on profits tax, and exemption from import and excise duties and from some licensing requirements.
Destructive as it is, that exemption is politically untouchable.
His plan doubles the size of the tax exemption for dependants.
The pursuit of happiness grants no exemption from respecting the rights of others.
Americans are slowly waking up out of a kind of dream of special exemption and special privilege in the world.
Which are now largely imported so the exemption encourages local production.
Also, this bill slightly but barely touched the healthcare tax exemption.
The organization could also be liable for taxes on any revenue earned before the exemption is renewed.
The exemption includes the value of your home and up to one acre of land.
The exemption does not automatically apply to servants of employees of such foreign governments.

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