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Let's keep the discussion to the nonprofit tax exempt colleges, please.
There is nothing exempt and there are no exceptions.
Everyone has work to do and we are not exempt.
Balls and strikes should remain exempt from instant replay.
Over great enough distances in space there is no reason for light to be exempt.
Promotional use of song excerpts up to 30 seconds would be exempt.
Interest is exempt from state and local taxes.
No group is exempt in this equal-opportunity compendium of verbal abuse.
No one is exempt.
If companies use boats flying under other countries' flags, they'd be exempt.
If it was safe, it wouldn't need to be exempt from every federal environmental law that matters.
Global warming theory cannot be exempt if it is to be counted as science.
Organic is not exempt from any governmental regulatory body.
The consensus was that nothing and no one should be exempt from the discipline of the market.
Thus far, tax-exempt funds have largely ignored residential real estate.
Months after they collect a dividend, they could learn that the dividend they had been told was tax exempt was really taxable.
Had the orphanage been tax exempt, there would be no story at all.
It is usually exempt from scrutiny, mostly out of fear.
Retail products such as mortgages will also be exempt.
Western journalists, once exempt from this onslaught, are no longer safe.
As has been already observed by others, the nature of life is cyclical, and nations are not exempt.
Purchases exempt from sales taxes during these periods typically include computers, clothes and school supplies.
Exempt are communications to protect public health and safety or efforts to promote tourism.
All locations not included under the definition of nonexempt area are considered exempt.
Some sales and purchases are exempt from sales and use taxes.
The following is a list of other types of tax-exempt organizations.
Tax-exempt organizations have important responsibilities as employers while operating and managing their activities.

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