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Example sentences for exemplify

The restaurants exemplify the globalization taking place in our neighborhoods as well as abroad.
The choices made by the designers were clearly made to exemplify and celebrate biological diversity.
These developments drew headlines because they seemed to exemplify significant trends in the American economy.
These valiant souls, with unfettered resolve, exemplify the true character of this great nation.
The winners, fund officials say, exemplify the best in public service.
Their heroic response came to exemplify how utterly self-sacrificing a team of mountaineers can be.
He should have known better, since as an advisor he is supposed to exemplify mature and adult behavior.
Her attitude and manner exemplify feudal system prerogatives at their best.
He has come to exemplify the coherence of a fierce, prophetic vision.
He chooses his characters because they embody concretely and so exemplify the conception he has formed of a significant situation.
Explore the landscapes, boutiques, and beaches that exemplify this surprising land.
But in retrospect, the eruption can be seen to exemplify certain truths about climate change.
They also exemplify what's wrong with the current approach.

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