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Example sentences for exemplary

Their moral tone was high, their thrift and diligence exemplary; they made and mined and banked and became rich.
Before the end of the century, however, the performance of many of these companies had become distinctly less exemplary.
For its wealth of personal detail, this is an exemplary contribution to understanding the Japan that was and is.
The overriding goal is to help students become exemplary global citizens.
The last two essays in the book, on Hemingway's relationship with fame and his suicide, are a sad coda to an exemplary selection.
His personal discipline was exemplary.
The prime minister leads a life of exemplary simplicity.
His character was special and exemplary in the dog-eat-dog world of politics.
However, he grew doubly austere, and his life had never been more exemplary.
He will be exemplary this season on and off the field.
It has character, a lot of it and it's story is exemplary.
Evidence of exemplary college teaching experience is strongly preferred.
Prison officials, impressed by her exemplary behavior, took a liking to her.
Its character has been so far exemplary, showing maturity and good sense as well as a commitment to the rule of law.
The quality has varied, from exemplary to star-chamber.
Her archival research and attention to detail is exemplary.
Use his irrepressible spirit, his impressive character, his exemplary treatment of his fellow human beings.
Mystery shoppers also help employers create incentives for exemplary service.
It's lovely and depressing that one could have chosen so many exemplary horror films from the old days, so few today.

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