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Codes not being able to predict every exemplar of hostile speech, what meant to be specific turned out to be only muddy.
So he was ditched, despite his exemplar qualifications.
Such was the erudition and acuity of our master teacher and exemplar of piety.
In a similar vein, the industry has long believed it is vital to act as an exemplar in the workplace.
He's a living exemplar of the urban principle that real estate of absolutely negative value can always be given to artists.
It has survived as an exemplar of what such a book ought to be.
To many of us, he was a great companion, an exemplar of great wit and a great guy.
He served as a powerful exemplar of rabbinic leadership in his congregation as well as far beyond.
In all these respects he was guide and master, companion and exemplar.
Each of these stories has been an exemplar of diligent reporting, empathetic writing and tremendous courage.
Jack wasn't always a beautiful exemplar of his breed.
Don't let business flunkies dismantle exemplar programs for dollars at the expense of academics.
Nor does the splendour of its eloquence show any falling off from that exemplar.
Neither country is an exemplar of free-market capitalism-far from it.
McDonald's local management has also made efforts to promote the corporation's image as an exemplar of modernity.

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Translation is the paradigm, the exemplar of all writing.... It is translation that demonstrates most vivid... more
The system—the American one, at least—is a vast and noble experiment. It has been polestar and exemplar... more
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