exegesis in a sentence

Example sentences for exegesis

No scholarly book is complete without academic exegesis.
Long after Mademoiselle's exegesis the phrase haunted me.
After that lengthy exegesis, it's unclear whether the skeptics are gilding the lily or just protesting too much.
It lends itself to highfalutin critical exegesis.
Perhaps you should stick to painting and leave biblical exegesis to those who know a bit more.
Nor did he fail to base his exegesis, whenever possible, upon an appeal to general principles.
The word might change meaning legitimately but the purpose of exegesis is to understand the original meaning.
Thus this is a work of substantive moral philosophy as well as exegesis of a text.

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An aphorism, honestly stamped and molded, has not yet been "deciphered" once we have read it over; rather, its exe... more
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