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The governor is the highest official in the executive branch of government.
It's sad that the executive branch has embraced them.
The executive branch enforces those laws while the judicial branch tries those accused of breaking the law.
They also set a precedent for granting emergency powers to the executive branch which remains a troubling legacy today.
The executive branch resisted these demands of voters and politicians.
And even on a micro level the executive branch has failed.
He can direct lobbying activities behind the scenes and contact officials in the executive branch.
To-day the executive branch of the government is transferred to new keeping.
Treason in the executive branch of the government was estopped.
Californians, in fact, insist on this sort of confusion in their entire executive branch.
It looks indefensible: a senior member of the executive branch exercising virtually unchallenged powers over the judiciary.
The executive branch, in turn, must become more accountable.
Task the various executive branch departments with going out and making some absurd case.
She has a wealth of experience in both the legislative and the executive branch.
But its voting members are all representatives of ministries controlled by the executive branch.
So the court is not only divided within itself but also sailing towards a new collision with the executive branch.
More important, wars always increase the powers of the executive branch.
He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.
The next president should create a new executive branch position: a civil liberties adviser.
In every state, the executive branch is headed by a governor who is directly elected by the people.
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