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Preference given to candidates with skills in execution of makeup and hair designs.
There has to be judicious planning and execution in tapping renewable energy.
Individual creativity lies in execution as well as in concept.
If you look at speed of execution for a startup, it seems sort of amazing what they can do.
The key to offering constructive criticism is in the execution.
At the same time, the rarity of execution means it is no deterrent.
But while the concept is simple, the execution has many ways of going wrong.
The same brain areas and processes underpin motor imagery and motor execution.
Innovation had its place, but skillful execution was key-an artist was only as good as his last work.
That's simple enough, but the magic comes in the execution.
The result, the clarified meaning of the work, counted more than the execution that yielded it.
The second is the increasing lag between sentencing and execution.
Execution of an order is subject to publisher's approval of copy, including display, text and illustration.
Usually it is a matter of dissatisfaction with a project or concept or execution.
Implementing a secure cloud is possible, requiring a plan, and then crisp execution.
The suffering of any inmate during execution is inexcusable.
The number of prisoners awaiting execution also appears to have finally levelled off.
There's even that crunching sound enemies make when you tear into them and perform horrifically gratifying execution moves.
Ironically, the news arrived at the moment one such device faces execution.
Only after his execution did the story start to unravel.
My own conclusion is that he probably did it but that there was insufficient evidence to warrant execution.
Those who call execution a human rights violation have no credible foundation for that claim.
But fulfilling the execution of one's tasks may also require some agreeable yielding.
Most regional newspapers outline the last meal request in every execution notice.
Life sentences and/or execution will be the only incentive for stopping the traffic.
They stand accused of alleged atrocities during the country's war of secession, and face possible execution.
While the premise is a great one, it fails in execution.
Companies, strapped for cash and chastened by recession, will focus more on execution.
Human-rights advocates say that the police shot several victims in the back, typically a sign of execution.
His critics say that he rushed into war, lied about his reasons, failed to plan adequately and botched the execution.
Here are three ideas-one to skewer on each tine of a pitchfork-that might qualify as fiendish food, be it in name or in execution.
Also displayed are the manacles the conspirators wore in prison awaiting their execution.
Of course, some leaks may interfere with the execution of government policy, or indeed harm national security.
But the invasion proved to be a debacle wrapped in a debacle, almost criminally flawed in its planning and execution.
They are all examples of excellent architectural design and execution.
Our college of letters and sciences is the perfect example of silence by administrative execution.
And he faced torture and execution due to serious charges of heresy, etc brought against him.
The application and execution between the two are different.
The winning combination is simple in its ingredients but quite fancy in its execution.
When you decide to lift your hand, this intention is followed by planning of the detailed movement and its execution.
Based on the results of those functions, the path of program execution can be conditionally redirected.
To efficiently get by requires a lot of observation of the soldiers, simple planning, and good execution.
Remember this all started with the execution of a taxi driver, not the first member of the public to be murdered by the police.
Psychodynamic theorists often postulate that suicidal guilt seeks punishment, and thus suicide is a sort of self-execution.
Whereupon he was condemned to lose his head, and led forth to the place of execution.
As they were both led together to execution, he begged pardon of the apostle by the way for having apprehended him.
One must needs show joy at the execution of a parent or friend lest one should perish.
There is a tradition that he fainted when, according to the custom, he was made to bear his cross to the place of execution.
All is misconceived, and its mis-execution is equal to its misconception.
The execution is hardly more felicitous than the design.
Let us take the centurion who was present at the execution.
If an order returns unfilled, the investor then has to submit it to an exchange for execution.
Moreover, even for those who are, decades of imprisonment may be as great a deterrent as the remote prospect of execution.
It will be based on two dimensions, performance and purpose, both rich in substance and responsible in execution.
The traditional method of execution-a single bullet to the back of the convict's head-is to be replaced by a lethal injection.
They did it more successfully than others, but that was a matter of execution.
The aim is to reduce the delay between order and execution, known as latency.
Second is the importance of execution in addition to strategy.
It was a profoundly unjust use of government power against an individual-a case flawed in both conception and execution.
They bespeak an audacious will to keep structural schemes and their execution mutually independent.
Second is the moment of execution: the day in the lab.
The execution of this photograph permanently changed my working methodology.
At execution, the market value of the swap to each side of the swap is zero.
The trial is short, and the execution is carried out efficiently and quickly.
Now the distance between idea and execution, designer and user, has contracted.
For now, the conversation exists in a space of ideas, not execution.
Yes, some lucky people fritter their breaks away with poor execution.
The goal isn't political change, which can mean many different things in execution, but regime change.
They seem to require the perfect combination of ingredients and execution.
Startups take research from academia and innovate around how to bring it to market-the execution.
Slam can explore every conceivable path in a program's execution to make sure this happens.
Not execution, of course, but regulation and compulsion.
There were four main styles but each had some wiggle room in their execution.
The stench of hypocrisy will likely be high and its execution masterful.
Execution does not deter, as many studies have proved.
The execution of a convicted murderer generates headlines nationwide.
Anybody who is led to an execution chamber has shackles on their hands and feet.
Brokers are legally required to seek the best execution reasonably available for their customers' orders.

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