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Example sentences for execrable

It is the quintessence of all that is vile, execrable and abhorrent.
His students are lazy bumpkins with execrable taste in music.
The forward thrust in events will, with time, sweep away the execrable aims of the evil.
He speaks execrable verse to her to prove his sincerity.
The plane was ancient and the food was beyond execrable.
They're highly variable, and the experiences range from ecstasy to execrable.
They won admission not because of their performance, which is execrable, but simply because they employ a lot of people.
The audience is shown a bullying boss who constantly repeats himself, a painfully insecure secretary, and execrable coffee.
Both sides endorse the execrable drug war, which has done more to destroy civil liberties than any post-9/11 moves.
People with learning disabilities are often execrable spellers, even if they have conquered other difficulties.
The water in our old camp was excellent, here, it is execrable.

Famous quotes containing the word execrable

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