excusable in a sentence

Example sentences for excusable

But some capital controls are more excusable than others.
More annoying and less excusable are the innumerable special programming features.
It is not shameful not to be as virtuous as he, and it seems excusable to be no more vicious.
With the excusable vanity of genius, he had high expectations for its reception.
One might regard such rhetoric within the confines of the scientific literature as excusable.
If no excusable neglect is shown, the extension cannot be granted.
As usual, the question then becomes whether the neglect displayed in this case is excusable.
Finally, the plaintiff argues by implication that excusable neglect exists for its failure to timely respond to the counterclaim.
The mistake is simply not excusable when he could have easily rectified it during the speech.

Famous quotes containing the word excusable

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