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Example sentences for excursion

She'll need salt, so we're planning a group beach excursion to harvest salt again.
It's also difficult to combine dining with a pub excursion given the tight opening hours.
It occurs to me an excursion in etymology led to an excursion in gastronomy led to a question about nuts.
Thirteen sixth graders are milling around, preparing to set off on a daylong excursion.
Wanted to take my parents on an excursion of the island but not sure where the nicest points of interest are.
With his signature whimsy and wordplay, the author takes a jaunty excursion into a long, long lost world.
Kindly put some more photos of your excursion online.
Ditto an all-too-brief excursion to outer space, the series' first attempt at dogfights.
Everyone would agree that events in his past have prepared him for today's excursion.
And remember: any weather excursion means heat is where it is not usually found.
The allure is great, but there's always a possibility that the excursion will not end well.
After completing this straightforward exercise, you may permit your eyes a modest excursion.
It is neither a record of a week's excursion, nor a book of essays, but a jumble of the two.
It was with this expectation, therefore, that he had taken part in the excursion.
Its initial success was due partly to its novelty and partly to the wide interest which the excursion itself had excited.
So an essay can never be more than an attempt, for it is an excursion into the endless.
It is remarkable only that one should succeed in hitting the dream thoughts in this aimless and arbitrary excursion of thought.
Each excursion is customized according to the group's age range and ambition level.
For the best conditions, try timing your excursion for weekdays in the early morning-and after the afternoon traffic.
Sign up for an overnight paddling excursion through the evergreen bog lands, cypress forests, and reptile habitats.
We could have made time for the excursion to slather on some warm gray mud.
One of our vice principals was to attend the excursion with these students and teachers.
Thoroughly read the details of each excursion before booking the adventure.
Also, keep in mind the cost of the excursion before booking.
When picking a sightseeing shore excursion, dress for the weather.
Consider the climate while planning a walking excursion.
See a whale breach the ocean's surface from the comfort of your ship, or take an adventurous shore excursion panning for gold.
Tickets for short excursion and locomotive cab runs are only available by walk-up service.
Several shore dive sites can be accessed from the beach for a convenient, affordable excursion.
Snorkeling enthusiasts can join up with an organized excursion group or paddle in coves straight from public beaches.
Excursion trains were organized to move crowds to the scene.
They said no taxpayer dollars will be spent on the excursion.
It is important that you indicate your interest in the excursion on the conference registration form.

Famous quotes containing the word excursion

A little instruction in the elements of chartography—a little practice in the use of the compass and the spirit level,... more
Science and art, or by the same token, poetry and prose differ from one another like a journey and an excursionmore
I take your arms boldly, each day a new excursion. Come, my sister, we are two virgins, our lives once more... more
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