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After hours of excruciating anticipation, the final checks for the space shuttle launching have been made and all systems are go.
The suspense is excruciating.
The songs and arias can be lovely, but the warmups happening every hour are excruciating.
She went on to describe her experience in excruciating detail.
She said she was in excruciating pain from a spinal cord condition that has left her unable to walk or lie on either side.
The thirty-four months he had served as vice president had been excruciating.
Personally and professionally, it was an excruciating experience.
Here is a book that's meticulously crafted, its prose evocative and lyrical-and almost excruciating to read.
Her characters remain true to themselves and their bleak circumstances, making for some excruciating moments.
Her work is heartbreaking, at times excruciating to read, but it rings with authenticity.
Of course, humiliation can also simply be humiliating, an excruciating moment when the private is made public.
But working as a lame duck among colleagues who have deemed you unworthy can't help but be excruciating.
Much of the book's comedy derives from his pained apprehension of every excruciating thing she says.
The exercise was excruciating, given the enmity and distrust that existed between the opposing sides.
So the dilemma for her is excruciating---and the threat to her party's priority program is palpable.
She ate her miserable macrobiotic gruel, and she meditated as best she could despite the excruciating pain.
The din of windshield wipers, blenders, and vacuum cleaners was excruciating to him.
Some go into excruciating detail about their methodology.
We spent decades in excruciating negotiation to disarm and limit nuclear proliferation.
Then pain, sudden and excruciating, lanced through his left hip.
He said that this type of shock produced in the individual excruciating pain.
Ugh, much of the media-reporting on this find is excruciating.
My pervasive childhood memory is an excruciating awareness of my own strangeness.
She endures excruciating plastic surgery in an endless search for self-recognition.
However, the elaborate, somewhat excruciating spectacle left us with many unanswered queries of our own.
If that's the case, then this must be an excruciating development for the whole family.
Perry chuckled as well, hoping to diffuse what was clearly an excruciating moment.
What she found inexplicable and unforgivable was the excruciating delay.
As a follow-up, one might expect a program of musically excruciating but politically attractive works.
The difference between a good run and an excruciating ordeal is solid planning.
But the risk of developing this excruciating ailment is not limited to those who treat themselves as royalty.
It requires both excruciating attention to detail and a creative bent.
Uncomfortably strong currencies and overheating economies pose an excruciating dilemma for policymakers.
The worm eventually pushes its way out of the skin, causing an excruciating burning sensation.
But now the excruciating pain between her shoulder blades was curtailing her movements and making her feel old.
Left untreated, these cavities can cause excruciating pain and progressive loss of the sensory and motor capabilities.
When the nerves in human teeth are exposed to cold the result can be excruciating.
You're going to know the excruciating details of how irrationally you respond to life, minute-by-minute, scenario-by-scenario.
After a brutal onset involving excruciating headache and blistering fever, a rash would arise.
We are so intimately attached to our bodies that existence without physical stimulation and sensory input would be excruciating.
Acute gout will typically manifest itself as an acutely red, hot, and swollen joint with excruciating pain.
Talking about such intimate personal details is excruciating for her, but she vows she won't stop.
The task of identifying the bodies was both excruciating and excruciatingly slow.

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