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Example sentences for exclusivity

But there should be clear limits on this period of exclusivity.
The essence of positional goods, and the reason they cost so much, is their exclusivity.
Graphic designers were commissioned to create graphic auras that suggested exclusivity through various tropes and conceits.
Most of these authors are not bound by exclusivity restrictions.
While this hurdle might turn off some potential users, it seems to have created the sense of exclusivity that's added to the buzz.
Geographically these two symmetric admixture events make sense, but the exclusivity is still a bit surprising.
Exclusivity is the lifeblood of the industry because it means that no other company may sell the same drug for a set period.
It ignores the fact that exclusivity and high prices largely define luxury products.
The goal is to allow the firms to grow strongly without over-exploiting individual brands and killing exclusivity.
They therefore predict that patterns of behaviour which promote group exclusivity will be stronger in disease-ridden areas.
But the spirit of the act-to encourage dissemination-argues against such exclusivity.
It preserves some measure of intimacy and exclusivity.
Turning away some investors and telling those he accepted not to talk to outsiders produced a sense of exclusivity.
But piracy certainly threatens the exclusivity of luxury brands.
Investors had to be invited, lending his operation an air of exclusivity.
But higher volumes have dimmed the aura of exclusivity on which high residual values depend.
If there is exclusivity at the top, one can expect growing social tension.
And yet excellence has not been won at the price of exclusivity.
And it says that it does not impose exclusivity agreements on advertisers.
Some papers will survive by selling things other than news-reputation, say, or exclusivity.
And it all goes back to the idea of a government exclusivity and untouchable reputation.
Graham has some less oratorically skilled compatriots in exclusivity.
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