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Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.
But we've also moved to a policy of computerized student evaluations that are completed exclusively online.
We offer our special discounted book and journal rates exclusively for publishers who wish to reach these active readers.
It is no longer sufficient to think exclusively of wielding power over others.
Even this generation of students was not weaned exclusively on electronic course materials.
We offer special discounted rates exclusively for publishers who wish to reach these active readers.
Value is not exclusively a function of cost and it certainly isn't a function of borrowing.
She talked exclusively about her vision for the college and how she would carry it out as dean.
Contingent faculty members generally have specialized duties, focusing exclusively on teaching or research.
For the first time, contestants submitted their work exclusively on-line.
Contemporary avian and mammalian scavengers aren't exclusively torpid and slow.
In no particular order, here are five films built almost exclusively around faith.
The younger cats eat it exclusively and have the best fur and hardly shed.
Bedbugs do not live exclusively in mattresses, as their name would imply.
The body louse, a plague to humans and our ancestors for millions of years, subsists exclusively on our unwitting hospitality.
So-called satellite cells were previously believed to be involved exclusively in helping injured muscles repair themselves.
Why is the focus is always and exclusively on the supply side.
Today physicians treat hypertension almost exclusively with medication.
Indeed, the infants of signing parents exclusively produced low-frequency hand motions.
Flying dragons survive on a diet of almost exclusively ants and termites.
They look fierce, but are actually gentle herbivores, surviving exclusively on underwater algae and seaweed.
The whales feed exclusively on zooplankton, microscopic animals that drift in the oceans.
The restored battleships were used almost exclusively to bombard shorelines during amphibious operations.
It has since grown so plentiful that gharials now feed on it almost exclusively.
Although the newfound genus is extinct, bat flies still exist today, feeding exclusively on bats' blood.
The sleek masked predators dine almost exclusively on prairie dogs.
The other campground is used exclusively by tenters.
He began his career as an infielder, but played exclusively in the outfield last year.
Their whole universe of observation extends exclusively over the surface of the sphere.
His themes now, more exclusively than before, will be the sorrows and tragedies of life.
All other troops were employed exclusively in support of these two movements.
Not any one party, or any one form of government, is absolutely and exclusively true.
To enjoy a thing exclusively is commonly to exclude yourself from the true enjoyment of it.
For his longer poems, he employs exclusively the decasyllabic line, arranged in stanzas of four or six.
Surveys of this kind usually focus exclusively on costs.
Once located, the camera can then adjust the focus exclusively for that part of the picture.
It is used exclusively by postgraduate management students, researchers and executive-course participants.
But today's more environmentally minded farmers have come to recognize that focusing exclusively on yield is shortsighted.
To enjoy a thing exclusively is commonly to exclude yourself from the true enjoyment of it.
To maximize their returns, virtually all these factories employ children, and an increasing number do so exclusively.
He promised to devote a year to this project, and it has occupied him exclusively ever since.
Others have been painted especially-and exclusively- for this unique collection.
For a long time, he communicated exclusively by answering machine.
Such performances of masculinity don't appear exclusively on the page.
The wide-scale use of isolation is, almost exclusively, a phenomenon of the past twenty years.
Hacker commented exclusively on the appendix to the report which is nothing more than summaries of newspaper stories.
Scholars and laymen have formed an organization exclusively devoted to studying and celebrating the venture.
His art consisted exclusively of conveying horror, and in this his range was encyclopedic.
Academic historians now write almost exclusively for one another and focus on the issues and debates within the discipline.
In any event, it is not clear why one should privilege exclusively the economic dimension.
Pretending seems to be an exclusively human ability.
Officially it is an inflammatory bowel disease, but it is neither wholly infectious nor exclusively autoimmune.
Over the past decade research funds were granted almost exclusively to psychiatric research.
But the idea behind it-loans exclusively for treatments of a particular disorder-is unique among micro-lenders.
Cascade has established what it says is the first-ever venture-capital fund created exclusively for robotics.
He has worked almost exclusively with small companies and startups ever since.
Amino acids made in nature are almost exclusively left-handed.
But the incentive is more or less exclusively in the direction of quality.
The new technology, meanwhile, is designed exclusively for surgery.
Today, methanol is made exclusively from natural gas.
So he began shifting his focus almost exclusively to examining issues of the regulation of genetically engineered foods.
It ignores the words you use, and concentrates exclusively on the sound quality of speech.
Mutual trade is one of the ingredients, but can't be relied upon exclusively.
Get a cell phone and use it exclusively for your affair.
It is almost exclusively farm-raised and an environmentally sound choice.
Almost exclusively, writers are the only ones among us who are given the chance to live their lives all over again.
The film focuses exclusively on the production of the concert.

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