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Toy makers and comic book publishers often offer exclusive products .
Starting in 2004, fraternities and sororities will no longer have exclusive rights to any residence on campus.
The classification allows drug companies to have an extended exclusive patent.
Maybe you think you prefer something a bit more secluded and exclusive.
Fearing for her life, Annie flees the security of the exclusive resort, uncertain that she has made the right decision.
The photographed blooms possess an unusual balance of both depth and focus, qualities often mutually exclusive.
Moviemaking has been the almost exclusive dominion of large organizations usually driven more by profit than by stories.
These thrifty people are not only crowding into the tenements of this once exclusive district- they are buying them.
The exclusive in fashionable life does not see that he excludes himself from enjoyment, in the attempt to appropriate it.
The methodology, however, seems to be quite exclusive in what it counts as a publication.
Remind them that the theories aren't mutually exclusive.
The words are meant to be spoken, not read, and they aren't the exclusive property of a few good actors in the theatre department.
But that language, it turns out, isn't exclusive to humans.
He then makes a huge logical blunder in imagining that affect and complexity are binary opposites, mutually exclusive.
As a result, groups of water molecules form exclusive cliques, aka droplets.
The two are not mutually exclusive but inextricably intertwined.
For decades, the high cost of sensitive magnetometers has made tracking these signals the exclusive privilege of professionals.
She charts an entirely different language, entirely different conceptualization, inclusive vs exclusive.
Those are two mutually exclusive concepts so even though honesty is better their is a clear conflict here.
The flawed thinking is in believing that the two questions are mutually exclusive.
In the home and outside of the home are not mutually exclusive environments.
Those tactics are not mutually exclusive, they are complementary.
Typical barriers to entry include patents, licensing agreements and exclusive access to natural resources.
Defenders of such exclusive gene patents remain unbowed by criticism.
It is the firm's exclusive licence that gives it its power.
And only rarely do people concede that their own theories and those of their opponents are not always mutually exclusive.
But it has certain attributes of the exclusive society.
In fact, the two theories are not mutually exclusive.
In his view, society's demands are not mutually exclusive.
The biggest shift is that journalism is no longer the exclusive preserve of journalists.
Truly enjoying something simply because it is exclusive thus makes evolutionary sense.
For individual journalists, it gives the veneer of exclusive information and inside access.
To some, it carries nastily tribal, exclusive overtones.
The exclusive focus on low and stable inflation is being questioned for the same reason.
These explanations aren't all mutually exclusive, of course.
Bing is also considering cutting deals with newspapers and other content providers for exclusive rights to link to their wares.
BP has been criticised for its exclusive use of these two chemicals, which have been around for decades.
In healthy infants, this could be corrected with six months of exclusive breastfeeding.
But living in your means is not mutually exclusive with being an entrepreneurial consumer.
Download the latest edition and get exclusive stories, photos, and video.
Share your pics with others to unlock exclusive content from the film.
The shift away from conspicuous consumption-from goods to services and experiences-can also make luxury more exclusive.
The paper has an exclusive report, but it sits behind a paywall.
If anything, modern technology has aggravated the problem of mutually exclusive realities.
Click on a music video of a favorite singer and discover a way to eavesdrop on an exclusive interview.
Challenge your friends with this exclusive multi-player online version.
We have made an exclusive arrangement with another supplier.
If the customers are already inside a store, showing them an exclusive offer makes it more likely they'll buy something.
Startup makes ridiculous claims and then gives you the exclusive opportunity to invest in the new revolution.
He wrested philosophy away from an exclusive concentration on cognition to an investigation of emotive being.
The two hypotheses are not at all mutually exclusive.
To me, this position that evolution and design are exclusive possibilities is really closed minded.
It is anthropocentric and egocentric, and in principle mostly exclusive, to define life around consciousness of a few species.
And then you fret that you aren't allowed access to some exclusive club.
Because they have personal experiences with completely different, mutually exclusive gods.

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