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Example sentences for excluding

Mathematicians define a perfect number as positive integer that is the sum of it's positive divisors excluding the number itself.
He got his pack down to around twelve pounds, excluding food and water.
The lyric poem wants to be a complete world, excluding all others, if only for the duration of the reading.
And experts say that excluding the new format leads to a distorted sense of what's popular with the public.
And there is also a risk of excluding creditworthy borrowers, particularly first-time buyers and the self-employed.
If they are excluding lots of pupils, that will be obvious too.
So central bankers should in principle focus on core inflation, excluding volatile supply-driven price changes for food and fuel.
If they are a means of excluding outsiders, they can be stultifying.
Excluding special items, earnings are expected to fall below previous expectations.
Private-sector employment, excluding construction, grew for the second straight month.

Famous quotes containing the word excluding

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The mind is a finer body, and resumes its functions of feeding, digesting, absorbing, excluding, and genera... more
The time is coming when all men will see that the gift of God to the soul is not a vaunting, overpowering, excludi... more
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