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Example sentences for exclamation

In other words, may is in, exclamation marks are out.
Your overuse of the exclamation point is annoying and draws attention away from your statements.
Some students replied with exclamation points in their email messages.
It was the period to the other photographs' exclamation point.
Use upright perennials such as gerbera, golden marguerite, and snapdragon for exclamation points of color.
Check marks, asterisks, and exclamation points rain down along the sidelines.
Yahoo's exclamation point is surely trademarked so omitted here.
Her eyes are wide, and her madcap stories full of exclamation points.
So little knowledge of the world around you and so much ignorance in such a sweeping statement with three exclamation marks.
There is no gray exclamation mark as the song files are still here.
If an email message has broken out in exclamation points, perhaps the disease is spam.
Your multiple exclamation points and question marks thus seem to be unnecessary, as is your anger.
In the midst of an excited discussion an exclamation came from those nearest the door, and the camp stopped to listen.
It's used as an exclamation when a loved one is in pain or emotional distress.
Her status updates were bubbly shrieks of uppercase letters and exclamation points.
If they have something important to share, it'll be a red exclamation point.
We could go on but we've run out exclamation points.
She answered every question and torpedoed every whiny excuse with e-mails packed with exclamation marks.
His books were a mixture of fiction and autobiography, prone to one-sentence paragraphs, exclamation points and italics.
When media is offline, you get a red screen with an exclamation point.
Some of us experience our emotions always in capital letters and exclamation points.
The exclamation point goes within the quotation marks when it applies to the quoted matter only.
Use only one space after an exclamation point at the end of a sentence executive.
When it does, look for red exclamation points and fix using these instructions.
The dash, semicolon, question mark and exclamation point go within quotation marks when they apply to the quoted matter only.

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