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It's a daunting task, but one full of exciting possibilities.
This exciting company is currently enjoying great success and growth and it is therefore an ideal time to be joining their team.
Working on what you love is really exciting and a lot of fun.
Technology can make education more exciting.
Stevenson's romances are entertaining; they are full of exciting adventures.
Restraining myself from turning this into another food puns thread because that would be much too exciting.
It was exciting and frightening at the same time.
What I find so exciting is exploring the possibilities of unknown history.
The mere possibility of sighting otters was exciting.
It is exciting for the kids, who get to throw live birds into the air and watch them fly away.
It believes in honoring members with exciting, authentic, and extraordinary possibilities.
It's a fun and exciting way to learn about the biological diversity of local parks and to better understand how to protect them.
Spring is such an exciting season for all things new and fresh.
Traveler can provide advertisers with exciting and effective merchandising programs that no other magazine can offer.
Stay in the know with updates about the exciting work of our explorers with our newsletter.
To them, this project is so exciting that they help me out with discounts on materials or let me use their facilities.
Nothing crazy exciting, but a solid set of features to be sure.
If it gets more and more exciting, then it should kind of all equal itself out in the end.
Discovery of a new dinosaur is always an exciting event.
The specs themselves are neither shaming nor exciting.
Tells about televised poker tournaments that use reality-show-editing to make the game look exciting and deceptively easy.
His struggle to contain this combustible emotional package makes him at once dangerous and exciting.
The entrées are substantial, though not always exciting.
We even have an exciting design-your-own-rank program.
Elections are exciting-and political journalists enjoy trying to figure out who's ahead and how to handicap the races.
And the biographies were no dry-as-dust treatises, but best-selling books chronicling the exciting life of a philological genius.
That's the definition of basic science, and delving into the unknown is what makes it exciting.
Besides staging games that are exciting and safe, three criteria will determine how well it does.
Now it needs to make more exciting and innovative cars.
The idea that language influences thought is a profound, exciting and possibly disturbing one.
But things have now started to become more exciting, and there are further plot twists and revelations coming.
But although the future looks exciting, the present is rather grim.
Equally exciting, if less glamorous, will be the maiden voyages of spacecraft at the blue-collar end of space travel.
Producers needed to map out as exciting a story as possible to persuade the network to pick the show up for a second season.
The idea was to eliminate some of the boring touchbacks and create more opportunities for exciting returns.
Experts called the report exciting but cautioned that the approach must be tested in more people before its value can be known.
It's an exciting time of cool weather, sweaters and apples.
It's exciting for us, and it's exciting for them as well.
It still may be some time before commercial use is realized but it is exciting none the less.
Making science jobs appear more exciting would also improve their attractiveness.
To date, quantum dots have been an exciting discovery in search of the proper application.
Science is catching up to them, and this is exciting for the profession.
For me, it's exciting to keep pace with others and to create as many opportunities for fast exchanges and learning as possible.
Slow boring stuff for when they are tired to exciting guitars and kick it beats when they are hyper.
It's exciting how our understanding of gene-environment interactions is changing.
The length of the delay is not exciting, he explains rather the point would be whether a delay exists at all.
But on the other hand, it is always exciting to whiteness new discoveries.
We believe it holds great potential to bring exciting new levels of performance to products people use everyday.
Nonetheless, it is a new and exciting angle for looking at behavioral science data.
The idea of being on an island where there are no people is exciting because the whole island is yours.
Even if you can barely follow the language, it's exciting.
The results are so exciting: half a million people who didn't have access to fresh food now do.
We want our conversation fodder fresh, exciting, and yesterday.
Too much work, and not nearly as exciting as gazing into the eyes of the new guy.
Almost every week there's something exciting and new to do.
It is in this stage that veteran players begin to wish for their old roles, in which things were new and exciting.
The creative freedom was, for the briefest of moments, exciting.
It's cool in both senses of the word, understated yet exciting, and with a tension that keeps you reading.
The family into which he was born was intellectually distinguished, and it was also exciting.
That, together with its wide-ranging implications, is in fact what has made it exciting and fruitful.
Exciting as it is, none of this reading is particularly useful to them.
Having a computer program available during play was as disturbing as it was exciting.
Still, the treasure troves on both sides and on the lower level are downright exciting.
There are other exciting applications, such as against macular degeneration, a disease of the eye.
Cheese was probably a pretty exciting invention to the early farmers who discovered it.
It was exciting to sit and listen to all the buzz about this new, intermediate frontier.
Depressing realizations aside, this is exciting news.
Yes, exciting about the drone flying in that gravity structure.
It's lovely the box office is so exciting and all of that.
It was so exciting to go to the record shop and buy a piece of vinyl and hold it, read the liner notes, look at the pictures.
It's exciting in one way because every director brings their own flavor to the movie.
We want it to be fun and exciting, even if you didn't watch the original games.
In these upcoming episodes, you're going to see another exciting boys' number.
And that feeling of personal liberation is exciting to watch.
Well, some do, but it's really to make people understand that culture is an exciting and important part of modern society.
There had to be something more exciting and interesting than living in a sorority.
It's exciting because every moment you don't know what mistake will happen.
It also carried a cautionary moral: things were better then, more exciting and romantic, than they could ever be now.
Unfortunate since those catalyzed connections between humans would be the really exciting bit.
That's an interesting idea but a demonstration would be more exciting.
But more exciting applications lie in energy efficiency and energy generation.
The new material's chemical structure makes it particularly exciting.
The really exciting news, however, is that in certain materials the hydro-capillary effect can be controlled electronically.
There's something exciting afoot in the world of cosmology.
More exciting still, is the possibility that these molecules could be used for quantum information processing at room temperature.
The prospect of another step towards virtual reality is really exciting, especially for newer, high action games.
In summary, it is unrealistic to expect exciting discoveries to result immediately in consumer applications.
As exciting as high speed rail might be to enthusiasts, it comes with a cost that can never be recouped.
What is more exciting is how this creates opportunities for other technology.
Friends gravitate to your orbit so get something exciting in action.
The company is retrenching its phone line-up, and few exciting phones are expected until this time next year.

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