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Example sentences for excitement

New York will always be the city of excitement and busyness.
The excitement at seeing so many familiar faces was overwhelming, rendering me momentarily incapable of remembering anyone's name.
His thick and engaging autobiography is crammed with this kind of excitement.
The books may lack traditional comic book heroics, but there is still plenty of excitement.
The waves of culinary excitement had a profitable ripple effect.
She bit into an Oreo cookie and fanned her face in nervous excitement.
The excitement grew more intense, and every face betrayed some uneasiness.
You'll like the characters you meet in this movie, and you will find plenty of excitement in it.
That has brought an unspeakable level of joy and excitement to my life.
This is a key part of the excitement factor that society craves and allows .
But that was nothing compared to the excitement of today.
The bulky microphone soon took on a symbolic role, signifying the urgency and excitement of radio itself.
It might even generate some excitement and interest in the course.
The platypus genome is now done, sending ripples of excitement through the scientific community.
The particulars of the case-whether one company has the right to patent an adjustable car pedal-leave room for excitement.
And there's excitement about further development in eco-tourism and bio-prospecting.
Scores of gulls hover above, screeching in excitement, then swoop down to gobble up any leftovers.
For me the excitement of living in a new home in a new state quickly died courtesy of a frosty reception.
The children who race out to greet us look healthy and happy and crowd around with a mix of excitement and fear.
Yet, even that event did not lessen his excitement about diving into the air.
It was fun to watch the excitement and nervousness displayed by these adventurous souls.
Please renew your subscriptions to keep the excitement going.
There's a sense of excitement as snow and cold weather make for outdoor adventures that aren't possible any other time of year.
It starts with a crystal or other medium whose atoms are prone to excitement.
Or perhaps you travel there once or a few times a year because the excitement of it never fades.
To say that he is excited is nothing: all his moods are phases of excitement.
It was rather lonely for him all day, so he thought upon a plan by which he could get a little company and some excitement.
Beyond was a fringe of excitement, and farther than that fringe the inflammation had not crept as yet.
She remembered absolutely no psychic excitement during that time, and did not believe that there was a motive for her suffering.
Their voices seemed to rise to a higher pitch of excitement, and their movements grew faster.
Buck fever means a state of intense nervous excitement which may be entirely divorced from timidity.
The excitement relative to yesterday's tragedy has abated but little, if any.
After the excitement and stress of planning a wedding, newlyweds deserve ultimate romance and relaxation.
They allow vacationers to experiences a little adventure and excitement of the hunt.
The excitement of the show has him noticeably more energetic.
Its name suggests excitement but the ride along this lazy river is all about relaxation.
But there was little excitement, perhaps because the election result already seems clear.
One reason for the excitement is an increase in the number of plutocrats.
Personalised medicine has sparked excitement among drugmakers, doctors, hospitals and patients.
Beyond the excitement, however, the right question to ask is whether any of the mergers will make long-term sense.
One-party rule has a way of dampening the excitement.
Other colleges, though, are trying to drum up excitement by offering perks that would have been unheard of a generation ago.
But the excitement during and after their presentations was palpable.
Academe fully shared that sense of promise and excitement.
It's not that she has a hunger for excitement or fantasies of extreme wealth.
But wait-it might be time to take a deep breath to let the excitement of the sales pitch fade.
But that excitement begins to fade after the second or third year.
Not only did prices go up, but there was palpable excitement about real-estate investments.
Part of the excitement here results from the thrill of the discovery.
If excitement over his research leads him to work into the night, he simply shifts to sleeping in the day.
Any emotional reaction from excitement to fear and you lose the lucidity.
Several scrawny cottonwood trees do not usually generate much excitement in the world of ecology.
The finding a few years ago that adult primates, including humans, could produce new neurons garnered much excitement.
But her excitement gave way to anxiety during the first days and weeks at her new school.
Still, there's great excitement at this impending discovery.
To see photos from the trip, one can sense the excitement of the scientists.
And after a win, all that excitement gets transferred to the ad.
The first week he was not sleeping because of stress and the excitement.
If a startup could raise unlimited venture capital and generate sufficient market excitement, your product vision could take off.
The latest quantum algorithm is generating excitement among physicists.
People who donate to a project feel a sense of ownership and excitement about that research, he says.
Rhythm as you said, is more the universal since faster rhythms promote excitement on many levels.
Great stuff: it's good to be allowed to share in the excitement at these finds.
All the excitement had apparently gotten the animal turned around about which way the exit was.
Yet a sense of excitement that something really big could actually be underway overshadows every glitch.
At that time, there was little excitement gripping housing market.
Watching the league methodically extract excitement from every touchdown and kickoff is bad enough.
That's what gives them more architectural excitement and gives them more economic vitality.
The rest of the season finale played out with less excitement than expected.
Strong and judicious measures, promptly put into action, might even now have allayed the excitement and dissipated the danger.
That's the important thing to communicate to the audience--your excitement.
That's the tension and excitement that that moment brings.
Skin conductance rises along with physiological levels of stress, including both excitement and fear.
The result has sent a ripple of excitement through the physics community.
So the discovery of methane anywhere in the solar system causes a frisson of excitement among astronomers.
But there's a sense of excitement about this idea that is giving it considerable momentum in the community.
The announcement generated both excitement and skepticism.
However, my understanding of the excitement around spin is that it can deliver more information.
And excitement about the potential for small companies to actually produce a reusable rocket craft is growing.
Amid the turmoil and excitement, numerous political currents competed.
And that state of excitement is being caused by something she appears to be looking at but that is no longer there.
By his own account he had a great time writing it, and for the first few hundred pages his creative excitement is infectious.
Along with the noise and excitement, the books tell many a sad and sordid story of the stagecraft behind the bright scrim.
Now a remarkable fossil creature shows that all the real excitement happened underwater.
What beguiled me was the excitement of figuring out what it means.
Despite all attempts to remain objective, the articles would have an undercurrent of electric excitement.
The process of growing up and growing away has a remarkably familiar look of excitement and discovery and challenge.
The excitement continues for the scientists who toiled to synthesize the new element, as they wait to hear what it will be named.
So excitement about space travel and science isn't necessarily going to die without the shuttle.
There's a whole lot of excitement that's way out of place right now.
There was initially a lot of excitement, but that has died down.
But for all the researchers' excitement, it was still an extremely limited finding.
There's always this chemistry of excitement, of mixing with another tribe.
But that's putting the excitement as minimally as possible.
As soon as the he hung up, he felt a pulse of excitement, the promise of illicit thrills.
When excitement and anticipation are this high, however, confusion is bound to follow.
She had probably begun feeling better and the excitement of seeing him made her feel that much better.
And children who are at the age when a horse race is a purely aesthetic excitement are barred from seeing one.
The real excitement of football on the field lies in the sudden moments of frenzied improvisation.
Each new search result drove me wild with excitement: maybe this would be the link that would reveal all.
It did grace a full page, one part of an exuberant roundup chronicling the excitement that met the war's end.
These half rhymes reduce the emotional temperature and raise the formal excitement.
But many more were impressed by the excitement that she was generating.
It whipped into a frenzy the visceral excitement that his sound had started.
The artist's excitement was infectious and his comments fascinating.
But actually, that first reaction was quickly overshadowed by excitement.
In all the excitement of ambition rewarded, her interest in the murky activities of her staff may have waned.
These fun, flirty shades are sure to add some excitement to your winter manicure.
There was this remarkable combination of hubris, excitement, and staggering ignorance.
The excitement among the scientists at cern is palpable.
She comes at it as if it's her first job, with that level of excitement and eagerness and self-doubt.
She told me that his first correspondence did not exactly have her jumping up and down with excitement.
There was a feeling of excitement among the scientists that they could reduce health risks for smokers.
No amount of bad weather could diminish my initial excitement over that wonderful house.
First came flirtation, then excitement and infatuation.
Use your expertise to find the right balance between play and work, excitement and peace.
But it can yield the excitement and illumination of new discoveries.
Remember your own excitement at learning how important the planet's coral reefs are to us and the intricate global ecosystem.

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