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Example sentences for excitedly

But the three friends also spoke excitedly of having witnessed history unfold.
And all these people are commenting excitedly about an announcement that there will be an announcement.
Locals also talk excitedly of future sales of holiday and retirement homes-hardly the original idea.
It was the result of a bungle: a bureaucratic rule-change misleadingly announced and over-excitedly reported.
With others they would talk excitedly about the changes.
Whereupon they're in her apartment again, taking their clothes off, she excitedly cuddling her new doll in a bed heaped with them.
He calls his doctor excitedly and asks him to come over at once.
The mood on the street became almost festive, as people talked excitedly in large groups.
He was still talking excitedly when a biologist came by with a plastic bag.
The dogs began to bark excitedly as twilight dimmed.
Dolphins dived with us and chirped excitedly about our presence.
Taken seriously and discussed excitedly for a few weeks, the canard soon disappeared along with the other ephemera of the day.
He spoke excitedly about the scientific concept that simple systems generate complex ones.
The mice begin squeaking excitedly and start rearranging the various maze pieces until they create the pattern shown above.
But on her own initiative she enthusiastically and excitedly pursued science out in the field.
He quickly and excitedly explained it to me and his explanation was spot-on.
He speaks excitedly about subjects that he obviously loves and does it in an animated matter.
It's hardly surprising that the astronauts haven't spent the rest of their lives talking excitedly about their achievement.
All three models pick at their identical plates of seared tuna, chattering excitedly.
They spoke excitedly to one another in a language alien to my ears.
They speculate excitedly about what type of machine will soon be rumbling into town.
Have another nearby attraction in mind and excitedly tell him he can ride that.
It flaps its pink paper ears and vocalizes excitedly in a babylike patter.
She scribbles and sketches excitedly on a note pad kept by her bed.
Linda collected materials for this page and excitedly awaited the opening of this website.
As part of their lesson, the children were excitedly playing an interactive game with a ball.
As the members help load the horses into trailers, they talk excitedly about working with the weanlings.
Local children excitedly gathered to see medical professionals, many for the first time in their lives.
Students excitedly take pictures of these habitats and sometimes the animals living in them.
We knew immediately we'd found the right home for the collection, and went home excitedly to discuss it with the whole family.
Excitedly, they began tossing rocks and other things into the river.
The driver jumped out, shouting excitedly that a robber was inside his cab.
When he first met the students, they excitedly inquired if he was a real chef.
The children listened as the bat squeaked excitedly.

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Go, said the bird, for the leaves were full of children, Hidden excitedly, containing laughter.... more
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