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She was excited, eager, and thrilled to meet people who cared about similar issues.
I'm excited about this project and feel very lucky having walked into it.
Anything that gets a child excited to sit down and read a book is a good thing.
My parents were so excited they hugged us all in sheer delight.
It was my first tournament and I was quite excited.
Thankful and excited, off they went to hunt for that great deal.
They do seem a bit overly excited, but it adds to the fun of it all.
Not surprisingly, restaurant chefs are as excited about this profusion as the rest of us.
Having tried mushroom kits before, we're especially excited at how easy this one looks to use.
The light emanates from molecules excited by sunlight or cosmic rays in the upper atmosphere.
When she finally picks up, she is excited by the news: she can buy the car she wants in two days.
Great news for the house: parts of gamblers' brains that get excited by winning light up at near wins, too.
Illuminate a piece of metal, such as copper or silver, and the electrons get excited.
Citizens and legislators are continuing to work towards the original plan and town residents are excited, too.
US scientists are excited about the new bug because it is not as picky as other methanogens about where it lives.
Little by little, the excited molecule moved along the plate.
Scientists are excited about the prospects of physical activity and exercise as anti-Alzheimer strategies for many reasons.
Kids, don't get too excited about the decaf coffee plant.
Once the neuron stably incorporates both types into its membrane, it can be excited by blue light and subdued by yellow.
We were excited to see an inexpensive contender in this category, but a little testing revealed it to be merely cheap.
Once those electrons have been excited, they need somewhere to go.
Everybody gets excited at the prospect of recruiting new faculty members.
The dean was excited that this student was so excited.
We're excited to hear about your interest in the chancellor position.
However, not everyone was excited about these modes of communication.
In any year, graduating seniors are excited and stressed all at once.
Don't e-mail the acquaintance noting how excited you are to be applying for the job either.
Expats are initially excited with their new environment and fascinated by the host culture.
They all chattered about favorite bowl games and having been too excited to sleep.
He would not have been excited by the possibilities of mixed digital media, for example.
Sometimes he is raving and excited, at others melancholy.
In time an iceberg was spotted in the distance, an event that triggered much excited gesturing.
She was clearly excited about her new trade, and proudly shows off the motor she's repairing.
We are incredibly excited about having this film made available to the entire country earlier than expected.
The uniformity of the books, their rapid supply, and their unusual cheapness excited astonishment.
Our inquisitive disposition is excited by having its gratification deferred.
They were as much excited, however, as if they had been staking thousands.
They completely satisfy wishes excited during the day which remain unrealized.
His charity excited that of the ecclesiastics of the place.
Its initial success was due partly to its novelty and partly to the wide interest which the excursion itself had excited.
His excited senses color the occasion, even the landscape.
But access to ministers is not the only reason the right-of-centre policy wonks are excited.
Another reason not to get too excited is the reflexive conservatism and technophobia of medical folk.
There are two good reasons to get excited about even faint signs of consumer optimism.
They need to get excited about small markets, for instance, and they have to have a much higher tolerance of failure.
The only people who are not excited about the new road are environmentalists.
The beagle would sit next to a suspicious-smelling bag, wag his tail, look excited and then look to his handler for praise.
Markets are apt to overlook a trade deficit when they are excited by an economy's growth prospects.
But the returns that have excited investors have mostly come from betting the bank.
But it is the fossilized excrement of the rock rabbit that has researchers excited.
The chimps went about their business, showing no excited curiosity or reciprocal fascination.
When excited by a light source, the dots radiate light in wavelengths that vary according to their sizes.
But many scientists were excited for another reason: it meant they had a whole new toolbox to study human disease.
Scientists developing new implants are excited about the possibility.
If these beneficiaries don't immediately get excited about your concept, then you are probably headed down the primrose path.
Nothing-yet-has been tested in humans, so don't get too excited.
Everyone's brain knows what kind of music it likes, if it makes you calmer or more excited or less anxious.
When he got to our yard, our two dogs would get excited and bark furiously.
Today the evening news reports excited on all the houses, cars, and other flotsam washed away in floods.
Most of the people are excited about the items that they are bringing in.
Once he came up with this idea, the rest of us were so excited to help.
He read it last night and was so excited that he couldn't sleep.
People are excited about reaching into their attics and digging out their old photographs.
The endurance of a theory so conceived-almost from first principles-has excited the admiration of generations of biologists.
Of course as soon as one has excited oneself with an idea, one finds confirmation of it everywhere.
My soldiers couldn't believe it, they were so excited.
But his followers have stuck with him for decades and seemed genuinely excited about the event.
She who always worried about money was excited by the sums she had heard some writers were getting from the sale of their papers.
He would be excited about the discussion and dialogue about his ideas.
He used to tell me to stay cool, not to get excited.
She got all dressed up and felt excited before and after but was bored during their date.
The writer was terrified and excited by his surgical rotation.
When she is excited or amused, her speech is rapid and thick.
He seemed slightly anxious, but excited, as he took the podium to address the crowd.
When they showed him the screen they came up with, he got excited.
Don't get too excited about signs of life in the economy.
There may never have been this many people this excited about white space.
Instead he is excited by a novel fusion scheme, one that he believes will be a clean, cheap source of power.
But getting the body excited about making such antibodies isn't always easy.
Observers say they're particularly excited about this technique because the stem cells were drawn from adult mice, not embryos.
Law-enforcement officials are especially excited about tools that track and monitor prisoners' whereabouts.
Scientists are excited by the implications that the discovery could have for treating patients dealing with anxiety.
She was so excited to learn that other people experienced similar relationships.
It's the isolation, though, that has everyone so excited.
Maybe further observations will reveal truly extraordinary evidence, but there's no reason to get excited quite yet.
It dances over the surface of the ice grain, too excited with kinetic energy to land.
They get super excited and were really touched in a way.
Speaker one will kick off the event by asking if the audience is excited to be there.
We're mindful of that and we're excited about it, and that challenges us every day.
She was really excited about being able to sing and play a role that wasn't always likable.
She was emotional because now all her kids were going to get to go to school every day and she was so excited.
No one seems more excited than the guest stars themselves.

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