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The main goal of this book is to inspire and excite people.
Few events in the natural world excite people more than the fall migration of the monarch butterfly.
Those charged particles can excite atoms in the ionosphere, which emit light as they return to their unexcited state.
He does not excite much of the wider electorate either.
Atop the rostrum he would impugn his enemies, excite crowds to action and deflect his detractors' barbs.
Incoming photons excite the atoms in the material, and make them spit out more identical photons.
He did not at any one time take enough money to excite suspicion.
The point is that predisposing oneself to commit an offense should not excite police attention.
Confronting that rabble will only excite them even more.
If content owners try to restrict access, they'll fail to excite much interest.
Something else in the sponge is being excited to generate the heat when there is no water to excite.
We can use that interest and energy to excite students and administrators.
Bugs come out also, but among them are hatches to excite fly-fishers.
After a strong connection is established between these neurons, stimulating the first neuron will more likely excite the second.
Except for an observation station on the back side, there isn't much there to excite the public.
Let's excite the public with more widespread coverage about planet discovery.
Upon reaching an observer, the wave of oscillating polarities would excite receptors in the eye.
These particles then interact with atoms and molecules in our atmosphere and excite them, causing them to release photons.
It is meant to educate, excite, unite and entertain.
Ted's relationship woes aren't quite enough to excite an audience.
But even if they do, it will excite them, but not many beyond them.
The issuer needed to be an attractive firm, something to excite a hedge fund.
It is unlikely that the five thousand and more changes he has introduced will excite great controversy.
That's the sort of drastic turn that would excite everybody, and it may happen in the near future.
As fantastic creatures that really did exist, dinosaurs excite our imaginations.
It's a crystal in which you excite intelligent vibrations by shining colored lights on it.
The neurons excite some of their neighbours into firing in tandem, while suppressing others into silence.
Gotta say, the trailer really did not excite me at all.
The rage for amorous sonneteering came to excite an almost overwhelming ridicule.
Every object round about us suggests many motives to excite our tears.
These calculated deformities only excite a sad smile.
But he does know the reflections that the words, if he happens to be reading leisurely enough for reflection, excite in him.
It is the mighty theme, and not the inconsiderable advocate, that can excite interest in the hearer.
None of these guys excite, or deliver a single inspired line.
Only the paleness of his face showed that anything had happened to excite him.
The job of the theatre is to excite the imagination, not to reinforce history.
He did that for a few games, and it didn't excite him that much.
Yosemite will excite any family with its towering sequoia trees, gigantic granite boulders and cascading waterfalls.

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