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But the vehicle excise duty is a good idea-it's an annual tax on cars, but the rate paid depends on the efficiency of the engine.
It was a neat trick, to surgically excise two guys from my life at the same time.
Top earners often pay tax on personal and capital income, as well as social insurance and excise taxes.
The chancellor's cuts in fuel and vehicle excise duties for hauliers are even less justified.
Central leaders rail against the cancer of corruption and promise to excise it.
Your charts certainly demonstrate that excise tax rates and currency fluctuations can affect consumer prices.
They include a five-year holiday on profits tax, and exemption from import and excise duties and from some licensing requirements.
Excise absolutely everything that gives the reader an excuse not to invite you.
Perez said, levies an excise tax on gasoline, but amounts vary.
Excise taxes on tobacco sold to non-Indians have been a source of dispute for years.
Corruption and regulatory failures, including low excise duties on spirits, add to the blight.
Rescind his memberships, excise his work from journals, reward the student whistle-blowers.
Consequently, they were due for delicate surgeries in which doctors excise the regions in their brains where the storms originate.
The sway of the excise law is not extended to these back alleys.
Less than five percent comes from excise taxes and zero percent comes from consumption taxes.
The government gets billions of dollars from excise tax revenue on and lawsuits related to cigarettes.
Scrap road tax and reduce excise duties on fuel in return.
Excise taxes are taxes paid when purchases are made on a specific good, such as gasoline.
The following questions and answers provide general information on the medical device excise tax.
Excise taxes are imposed on amounts paid for certain facilities and services.
They are excise tax's that are levied the same on both imports and domestic sources.

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The decision of the Supreme Court in the income taxes cases deprived the National Government of a power which, by reason... more
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