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Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates.
The alveoli are where the crucial gas exchange takes place.
Academe is supposed to be a place where the free exchange of ideas can occur.
Part of the answer comes from looking at our ape relatives, who have a highly developed sense of trade and exchange.
Miller in an e-mail exchange that he could face a criminal charge if he rehung the poster or another one similar to it.
So even though it is still a negative comment about someone, it isn't directly hurtful to the parties involved in the exchange.
And menu prices shredded by the favorable exchange rate.
Dinar values also bear little correlation to published exchange rates.
One is change in the nominal dollar-yuan exchange rate.
If for any reason your purchase does not satisfy you, simply return the item for a prompt full refund or exchange.
In the absence of convection, a slow exchange of air occurs across the tropospheric-stratospheric border.
The boats have exchange offices with acceptable rates for your leftover cash.
We have the technology to move to a more efficient, convenient, freely flowing medium of exchange.
Children play games, sing songs, and exchange gifts.
Yet, regardless of the perpetual exchange of molecules, our memories remain stable.
The hostilities have also scared away tourists-one of the nation's largest sources of foreign exchange.
The world's benchmark stock exchange shuts down for an hour because of computer trouble.
Insulation reduces the exchange of heat through a surface such as a wall, attic, duct or roof.
But there is also a two-unit form which cannot perform the function in gas exchange.
News from abroad unquestionably played a big part in the strong undertone to the foreign exchange market of yesterday.
Retail sales, producer prices, wages and exchange rates.
Partly there is a need to acquaint readers of the book with the basic principles of a bill of exchange.
Friends and family gather to feast and exchange gifts.
Researchers have discovered an underworld of genetic exchange among bacteria, one more vast than previously imagined.
Battery exchange programs could also work for people without convenient access to charging stations.
Exchange bags among the groups so that every student has another student's bag.
The exchange does not signal the end of the case, however.
The quantum view would describe this in terms of an exchange of virtual photons by the two particles.
Battery exchange stations are already in operation in some countries.
On the crowded beach, it's the best cover for people who are going to exchange their secrets.
Set out cans and bottles for neighborhood pickup, or exchange them for cash at a recycling center.
Finally, the lord and his guest would exchange bits of each dish.
Usually these volunteers can take home plants for a small fee in exchange for their labor.
Exchange-traded notes are a relatively new development.
When you travel to another country, it may be necessary to exchange currency.
Every traveler worries about where to exchange whatever foreign currency she's carrying into the local currency.
The committee has agreed to explore credit transfers, exchange programs, and quality control in universities across the region.
And universities will increasingly need to take part in a global conversation of ideas and a global exchange of scholars.
Some reports suggest that the exchange might not happen until next month.
In a hearing today, yet another amusing exchange occurred between the two.
We need to encourage a vibrant debate on the issues, and not restrict the free exchange of ideas.
Foreign exchange and interest rate swaps, for example, are okay.
The relationship between them and chefs goes further than an exchange of money against goods.
Once somebody bites, though, it's up to you to figure out how to carry out the exchange.
It would be one thing to bear that cost in exchange for a policy victory.
Not that it wasn't deserved, but: the exchange wasn't fair for either of us.
They trick animals into pollinating them and usually give nothing in exchange.
Maybe there may be some science here to exchange and further the research of one or both.
Then all of them call in their results to a central phone exchange at once.
There is also the possibility of an accidental nuclear exchange.
Before the register closes, the grifter offers the cashier five singles in exchange for his fiver back.
It's far more of a discussion and an exchange of ideas.
The energy required for this exchange is manageable when the task is small-a processor needs to fetch less data from memory.
Each one knew how long their partner had spent earning points, how well they had done, and what their exchange rate was.
The slain monkeys are shared, but either under duress or in exchange for favours.
Under normal conditions, the air can freely exchange with surrounding air.
Some clues point to contact with outsiders and the exchange of foods and other products.
To have a substantial exchange, you need to be fully present.
There's an openness to it, a sense of camaraderie and free exchange.
With lightweight batteries you could even exchange battery packs at gas stations and not have to wait for a recharge.
Instead, there has to be a conversation, an exchange of tweets.
Some of the earlier comments indicated that there is no common format to exchange information.
Even in an age of e-mail, some forms of intellectual exchange rely on physical proximity.
The cars would be taken to a center to exchange the spent tanks for fresh ones, with the spent tanks regenerated at a plant.
Motorists could quickly exchange their discharged batteries for fully-charged ones and continue on their way.
Then there is the story of how the exchange of data between far-flung computers gets easier every day.
Sugar and wood pulp remain important foreign exchange earners.
Gold and cocoa production, and individual remittances, are major sources of foreign exchange.
He had seen ordnance officers and quartermaster officers and post exchange officers and other spooky military anomalies.
Greenspan could not postpone a stock-exchange crash indefinitely.
Beginning in seventh grade, in exchange for pocket money and shooting lessons, he started working weekends at the range.
Their ability to exchange overcoats while running at full speed.
Here a third party pays to participate in a market created by a free exchange between the first two parties.
One of the businesses it plans to launch soon is a futures exchange where traders can bet on the box-office success of movies.
The number of transactions decreased and the exchange rate plummeted.
Instead, they are demanding that the players give back some of their income, and are offering little in exchange.
At the heart of the proposals is the idea of an exchange, where consumers will be able to select among competing insurance plans.
My meeting with this remarkable vegetable, hitherto glimpsed only on market stalls, came in the midst of an exchange program.
The growers should get organised somehow and exchange the seeds they have protected from the attacks of such companies.
Not the whole story, actually, but one exchange that caught my attention.
And it suggests, surprisingly, that offering material incentives in exchange for sacred values may backfire badly.
Exchange the false right hand for a left hand-or a prosthetic foot-and the brain does not buy it.
In other words, genes within a species should be able to freely exchange across the population.
After a few days on it, you tell the whole story in exchange of a candy or a nap.
Turns out the mimics did better at deciphering the unusual exchange.
The insect armies swarm intrusive browsers in exchange for housing and food.
Thus, pacemakers might be affixed to heart lung machines and artificial hearts to improve gas exchange.
Offering a safe and secure connection for the exchange of electronic health data.
The health insurance exchange is a marketplace that will offer affordable high-quality health insurance options.

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