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Example sentences for excessively

LA stiffens fines for dogs that bark excessively.
Excessively glossy screen produces distracting glare.
The whales were excessively stressed from tests that were loud to them.
She told her doctor that she worried excessively and that she felt overwhelmed by these thoughts.
Do not become righteous overmuch, nor show yourself excessively wise.
Deer become too many when they are eating your gardens excessively, and you're hitting them with your cars excessively.
Alarmism from a long list of advocacy groups has indeed made this an excessively worried, and stressed out, world.
Regardless, the moment was so excessively poignant that laughter was the only possible response.
Mack says the mouthpieces don't shift around excessively during play because they are molded to a player's mouth.
They may overreact to loud noises, become excessively alert and hypervigilant, and avoid reminders of the disaster.
And there have been hedge funds that have been using leverage excessively and some of those have gone broke.
But that strikes me as an excessively broad criterion.
Excessively strict defamation laws do not help-you can be found guilty even if you prove your criticism to be true.
Previously, labor was excessively cheap because workers could be replaced easily.
But the other forecasts now look excessively gloomy.
When the market is in balance at excessively high prices, however, it throws the consumption and diets of the poor out of balance.
They have gotten way too big and powerful, and they are excessively wasteful.
He is excessively deferential to authorities, even when gently rejecting their views.
Also notice that the ball toss is neither too far forward nor excessively high.
Diets that are excessively low in calories are considered dangerous and do not result in healthful weight loss.
Consult your health care provider if you think that your skin is becoming excessively wrinkled at an early age.
If your fuel economy is excessively low, your vehicle may need to be serviced or repaired.

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