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The sea urchin, Diadema antillarum, is a voracious grazer that scours the reefs and keeps them free of excessive seaweed.
Those are standard cancellation fees, but in light of your situation, they do seem excessive.
This means removing each wheel, inspecting the bearing seals for excessive leakage and washing the bearings in solvent.
They perfectly convey their imposing, excessive indulgences.
Some neighbors said they considered the police reinforcements excessive.
Such bankers understand their clients' businesses and steer them away from excessive debt.
The borrowers are not well informed as to the availability of loans on collateral without payment of excessive interest rates.
The fines currently in place are indeed excessive.
Her boredom is exquisite and excessive.
In any case, whether or not his idealism is excessive, his language seems too often inappropriate to his subject.
Note that heavy feeding of either type in spring leads to excessive leafy growth, soft fruit, and fruit rot.
The yeast cells can be killed by excessive heat or cold during shipping.
Excessive bleeding with menstrual periods and after delivery often occurs.
Moderate lamentation is the right of the dead, excessive grief the enemy of the living.
The faults of a short line are jerkiness and excessive compression.
Its principal feature seemed to be that of an excessive antiquity.
Her husband would not stop teasing her about her excessive haste.
Inclined as it itself is to all extremes, a group can only be excited by an excessive stimulus.
Hence it is as common a thing to hear our orators condemned for being too jejune and feeble as too excessive and redundant.
It may be here remarked that abstract expression and the excessive use of nouns are almost the same thing.
Excessive drinking is the result of irresponsible individual decisions.
Moreover, its students do come out saddled with excessive debt-that is, if they graduate at all.
Excessive government control and poor academic quality are hurting the region's universities and societies, the report says.
Telling students to tear pages out of their textbooks seems excessive and maybe even a little authoritarian.
Instead of being cautious to a fault, they are excessive risk-takers.
Storing excessive amounts of belongings in an office is both a fire hazard and a potential obstacle to egress.
They take seriously their responsibility to make a good-faith effort to avoid excessive salary and benefits packages.
These excessive hour contribute to medical mistakes and poor outcomes.
They have to be, for there have not yet been any statistical studies on the harm caused by the excessive use of adjuncts.
Be sure it is adequate to do the job but not excessive.
The world of excessive wealth and power clamors, and it alienates us.
Don't complain about something they technically had the right to do or that they were excessive.
Dove, in her introduction and later interviews, explained their absence as a result of their publishers' excessive reprint fees.
There should be no doubt as to why so many students can not pay back their loans when this excessive borrowing is allowed.
There is a rare condition called pyloric stenosis that causes excessive spit up in babies and particularly boys.
Excessive praise of the obviously mid-range grad student simply persuades me not to bother paying attention to your letter.
Toddlers tire easily with excessive walking, so you need a destination that accommodates strollers.
Excessive accelerating and braking also reduces efficiency.
Sometimes the standard of living is decreased to minimize excessive consumption of a limited resource, such as water.
Green roofs moderate excessive outdoor heat in the summer and help retain heat inside the building during the winter.
Excessive weight and vehicle attachments that make the car less aerodynamic and also run up your gas usage.
Melanomas are malignant tumors that begin as pigmented moles and are caused by excessive sun exposure.
Furthermore, the satellite measurements have helped flag a worrying side effect of excessive groundwater extraction.
Smog has become a problem, as well as excessive motorized traffic.
The snow leopard and other species are under pressure from excessive hunting, loss of key habitat and illegal trade.
We put an excessive emphasis on maximum cardiovascular exertion.
The camp is rudimentary, and the pressure that is put on people here not to poach is far from excessive.
In a beagle, that frustration comes out in an excessive amount of howling and sniffing.
The previous owner surrendered her to the shelter due to excessive barking.
The highest-profile cases of excessive pay, unfortunately, are not isolated exceptions.
There is the definition of outrageously excessive compensation.
Britons know their newspapers are rude, excessive and unreliable.
Some of the hopes attached to foreign investors were, in retrospect, excessive.
He is still dazzled by lucre, but also determined to give warning of the dangers of excessive leverage.
But the housing boom is grounded in rising prosperity rather than excessive debt.
Professionalism gave way to commerce and excessive growth.
Others have less rigid currencies but still intervene to stem what they regard as excessive upward pressure.
The result is a state-heavy economy with excessive and contradictory legislation that is strangling the private sector.
In fact, a fixed-rate system such as the euro zone brings about even larger excessive capital flows.
But some people are already accusing it of excessive secrecy and being too ambitious about the changes it proposes.
Excessive deficits for some imply excessive surpluses in others.
One reason why resistant strains emerge is excessive and improper use of antibiotics.
And then doing a delayed clamp and cut--but three minutes may be excessive.
Our obsession with online safety for children is excessive.
The effect of that condition on the pituitary gland results in excessive production of growth hormone.
Unlike other schizophrenia drugs, it does not cause excessive weight gain.
These drugs can also trigger excessive weight gain, leading to life-threatening complications such as diabetes or heart disease.
All of them have drawbacks, including the potential for excessive heat, blood clots and allergic reactions.
Symptoms include excessive sleepiness, low energy, and a tendency to crave sweets and starchy foods.
Once the signal of excessive radiation exposure is initiated, it generally takes four to six hours for these proteins to generate.
For example, alcohol inhibits antidiuretic hormone, which leads to excessive urination and dehydration.
Subsidies for excessive ocean fishing should also be slashed.
Yawning demonstrating excessive fatigue is something that can be forgiven if you have the politeness to beg excuse for that.
In fact, there is increasing evidence that excessive intake of certain micronutrients is deleterious.
The sport will not be without some element of danger, but with a good machine this danger need not be excessive.
It had earlier been mentioned to explain an ignored report of excessive velocities in a galaxy cluster.
US monetary policy would accordingly lose its excessive global influence over money supplies and credit conditions.
Many studies have drawn the connection between excessive food intake and addiction in both animal models and humans.
Also, please note that the natural response of a battery to an overload or excessive heat is meltdown and self destruction.
On the political stage, too, having spent excessive hours in seminar rooms and libraries is widely regarded as a liability.
Some of the reaction to that law has been excessive.
He does not suffer the indignity of premature aging brought on by excessive worry.
Let's imagine a country with excessive national debt.
His cruelty was excessive and his cause was questionable, so he lacks virtue.
Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
They may not buy strawberries if they think the price is excessive.
Excessive drinking can further impair brain function and result in neurological disorders, but the message is loud and clear.
In fact, it has issued a warning that the price of oil has grown out of control due to excessive speculation.
Excessive screen time takes a huge toll on mental and physical health and academic achievement.
Uncertain regulations and high labor and corporate taxes provide excessive burdens to start-ups, according to the article.
Consequently, excessive or outdated regulations can have an especially deleterious effect on entrepreneurs.
It has urged us to avoid food that requires excessive processing, preservatives, and supplements.
It's certainly true that there is unnecessary treatment out there, and excessive profits for some providers.
It's often criticized for excessive emphasis on rote learning.
Nothing was to be gained politically by defending drug abusers from excessive punishment.
The pillhead's disdain is sometimes rather excessive.
As stated before, already displays are many thousands to one in the consumer space, and brightness levels are excessive.
She says the same link may develop in excessive gamers.
HP and rivals are also working on other ways to solve the problem of excessive heat.
The problem is that to prevent excessive wear and minimize engine noise and vibration, valves must decelerate before landing.
They did not receive excessive financial merit either.
The lack of data has caused excessive verbal communication between the pilots and the controllers that is prone to errors.
Most of the world recognizes the validity of anthropogenic climate change due to excessive release of carbons into the atmosphere.
There's no way to avoid disturbing some of it, but you want to avoid excessive fishing around.
We found that blanching the ham before braising helps eliminate excessive saltiness in both the ham and the broth.
Sufferers usually know their behavior is excessive but cannot stop.
Of course, you should avoid smoking and excessive amounts of alcohol.
Values outside the normal range could indicate excessive fluid loss, or a serious breakdown in the control system.
But no evidence of hydrophobia appears in his physician's letter, nor is there any mention of excessive salivation or seizures.
My goal, now as then, is not to demean valuable ongoing research but to challenge excessive faith in scientific progress.
There she met a family with a quirky phenotype: those with excessive hair were also deaf and unable to speak.
But even they can get into trouble with excessive pressure.
Regular nail-clipping can also keep cats' claws from doing excessive damage.
Sorry for the rant and the excessive use of parenthesis, my thoughts were scattered.
He noted that these spiders will wrap their trapped prey in what seems to be an excessive amount of silk.
The weapon targets proteins that detect excessive heat, delivering an intense burning feeling without any actual burning.
Also he might want to avoid excessive amounts of green veggies.
The grand plans for meters of water shielding are excessive, given the actual radiation environment in interplanetary space.
Too much volcanism and you have excessive toxic gas exudates, too little and there's not enough recirculation.

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