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Place each finished piece in the flour, turn and lightly coat each piece, gently shaking to remove the excess flour.
Not long after, she took her life by taking an excess of sleeping pills.
Use a spatula to press excess water out of the chard before transferring it to a bowl.
But the wax seeped through the canvas, and the excess had to be removed from the painting's surface, leaving waxy residues.
Carefully remove the stencil and dispose of the excess flour.
Dampen board surface by brushing with water and blotting off excess with a cloth or paper towel.
Tip pan and spoon off any excess liquid with a small spoon.
Sprinkle sanding sugar over the still-wet piping, then tilt and tap cookie to remove excess.
Make sure to rinse the lip and neck of the bottles, too, to wash off any excess sanitizer.
Any excess of carbs or proteins or fats is stored as fat.
Current plans call for automatically hosing off and collecting the excess algae, which might be used as fuel.
In theory, this excess energy could be collected and made to run a power plant.
Excess energy would be stored as compressed air in underground caverns.
The loss of excess moisture in the body really takes the fat cells in the bone tissue.
Excess weight can harm health in ways that may come as a surprise.
Excess skin of the eyelid, or prolapsed fat pads underneath the eyes, makes an individual more prone to this sensation.
Excess water, electrolytes, nitrogen and other wastes get excreted as urine.
Moreover, in many diabetics the liver churns out excess glucose, which compounds the problem.
Scientists say the excess heavy nitrogen could have come from a comet.
Some call it excess capacity, but others say it is greatly needed inventory.
Excess of wine neither keeps secrets nor performs promises.
Something is required to temper both-to check them, restrain them from excess, morbidity.
It may be safely said that the total number of possible sounds is greatly in excess of those actually in use.
Great faults may grow out of great virtues in excess.
In both cases the sterility is independent of general health, and is often accompanied by excess of size or great luxuriance.
The devil is not in the quality of the wine but in the excess.
There is no excess of imagery or allusion, though both are at hand when wanted.
We will fortunately be able to apply to the redemption of the public debt any small and unforeseen excess of revenue.
So if they're receiving aid in excess of their costs, a large portion of that is in the form of loans.
Scientific misconduct probably exists, in excess of the official count.
If you are the strongest candidate, an excess of courtesy will not work against you.
The feds are encouraging students to borrow far in excess of tuition or their projected ability to repay the loans.
In the business disciplines there is no excess, and in some disciplines there is a shortage, of tenure track qualified faculty.
Soon, excess pounds will be shed using a stomach pacemaker.
Flabbiness caused by physical inactivity rather than caloric excess.
The word for this is hyperopia: an excess of farsightedness.
Firms with excess computing capacity, such as data centres, put it up for sale.
Either way, those funds get deposited back into the banking system and show up as excess reserves.
In small corners of the temples of consumption, business has begun to wake up to the perils of excess choice.
Their work does indeed suggest that their is too little money in politics, given the excess return to campaign contributions.
Demand-pull inflation means an excess of total spending over the current rate of output at prevailing prices.
Much of our employment was sustained on the back of excess credit.
Which recalls the oracle's second admonition: nothing in excess.
In times of speculative excess, when nerves may be stretched, they can prove particularly powerful.
Cutting interest rates seems to be less effective in a downturn caused by excess investment than in others.
The inspectors discovered levels far in excess of the daily allowed intake.
Commodity prices tend to be the first signals of excess liquidity and possible future inflation.
Permanent tax cuts are unlikely to boost investment, which is influenced more by profits, excess capacity and confidence.
In addition, warmer temperatures cause excess melting of ice caps and glaciers, raising sea levels and flooding estuaries.
Venting outer thigh zips let off excess steam, while ankle zippers and an internal gaiter lock out the deep creep.
Tubes inside the lung become chronically inflamed, producing excess mucus.
Its sodium coolant has a high boiling point-today's reactors use water-and would absorb excess heat.
Cells today rely on complex proteins to pump excess sodium out through their membranes, so the cells can function properly.
Excess energy is stored in batteries to keep it afloat even on overcast days.
Those trees would have taken their moisture from the air, too, and the excess would have added to groundwater.
Offers supreme warmth without burdening the wearer with excess weight.
Sponge the back of the screening to remove excess water from the new paper.
Pick the crabmeat over to remove excess shells and cartilage.
When they calm down, they release excess energy as photons.
Once the picadillo is done, drain the excess oil and place meat on a large plate.
Accordingly, even a building at code today can still use energy in excess of its leaky, poorly insulated predecessors.
Soak bread in half the milk, squeeze out the excess liquid, and mash with a fork.
If the amount of gases in the atmosphere increases too much, excess heat is trapped, causing global temperatures to increase.
Squeeze excess broth from the soaked bread and add to the oil and tomatoes.
Active military personnel traveling on official business are generally not subject to excess, overweight or oversize fees.
Fold the edge of the wrapping under to hide the excess wrapping.
Not only are you paying for the meal, you have to wear the excess calories.
Humidity interferes with animals' ability to rid excess body heat.
Overconfidence matters, because it can encourage excess trading.
Noise is life, and an excess of noise is a sign that life is good.
In his left hand he wielded a tiny suction tube, which removed excess blood.
Nor does its own history of matrimonial excess bring a blush to its cheek.
Medical companies and specialists profiting from the excess of scans and procedures will get squeezed.
There were moments of excess and errors of omission.
His great indulgence is lavish spending, and in this he can match the excess of any corporate mandarin.
But, more and more, big investors are treating excess compensation as a reliable index that something serious may be wrong.
One way to think about the global crisis is a vast excess of desired savings over willing investment.
Commercial paper consists of loans businesses make to one another with their temporarily excess cash.
He seems focused simply on the evidence for the overuse of services and the underlying excess capacity of our health system.
She inserts these with abandon, even to excess, and sometimes manages them awkwardly.
The common trait in all his poses and voices is excess of drama.
He was known to drink to grievous excess, for example, which often turned him volatile and violent.
Collins reminds us of the absurdity, the excess, on both sides.
Once dry, sprinkle cornstarch or powder to absorb excess moisture.
Trim any excess fat and excess skin from the duck breasts and thigh pieces.
When you shower, you'll achieve a golden glow, and the excess color will wash off.
We were living fat and happy and the whole system was one of excess speculation and leverage.
Even people unfazed by luxury are startled by the excess.
And this: the constant lying, which sprang partly from evasion and partly from sheer excess of imagination.
Common wine defect caused by excess production of acetic acid, resulting in a vinegary smell.
Concerned about excess weight, the pilot tried a quick hover test and declared that somebody had to get off.
But it's also healthy, because it cuts away the excess and fat.
For some, they are the epitome of conspicuous consumption, a contemptible and wretched excess symptomatic of rot from within.
He was upset, almost in tears, because the agent had told him there would be a substantial charge to check his excess bags.
Any excess cash will then go to whoever qualifies according to the lien priority.
After paying, the bidder has no claim on that excess.
In democracies, there is almost always a political incentive to ignore excess spending.
As the new film shows, updates of the bard's tales require both excess and respect for the text.
The excess inventory could result in years of price stagnation.
When a great sweeping work is great, what makes it great is that there's no excess.
Yet even though excess supply kept chicken prices lower than the year before, demand dropped.
So if there's still some excess capacity in the market, there doesn't appear to be much.
But to borrow in excess of some established limit, they must raise the ceiling.
If too many brain cells develop, or if not enough die off, the result is an excess of neurons at birth.
The impression undoubtedly made on me was that of an excess of tension, and of an abnormal life.
Once upon a time the characteristic foot disorder of the well-to-do was gout, induced by an excess of rich foods.
So those foreclosures didn't all become excess inventory.
And since excess water-soluble vitamins are excreted and don't build up in the body, overdoses of them are even rarer.
Pull off excess fat around cavities of chickens and discard, then rinse chickens and pat dry.
Toss slices with flour and a pinch of salt in sieve set over a bowl, then shake off excess.
Transfer to a colander and press gently to remove excess water.
Strain through a fine-mesh sieve into a heatproof measuring cup, then skim off excess fat.
Squeeze bread to remove excess milk, then discard milk.
Lift out porcini, squeezing excess liquid back into bowl, and rinse to remove any grit.
Transfer lemon curd to a plastic bag, pressing out excess air.
Place ball in middle of dough, then gather dough up around ball of cheese, squeezing excess dough into a topknot.
Drain spinach in a colander, pressing to remove excess liquid, then coarsely chop.
Lift out porcini and squeeze excess liquid back into bowl.
Add beef, turning to coat, then shake off excess and transfer to a plate.
Transfer chocolate to a small sealable bag and seal, pressing out excess air.
Lift out porcini, squeezing excess liquid back into bowl, then rinse to remove any grit.
Pull off excess fat around cavities of chicken and discard, then rinse chicken and pat dry.
Pat quail dry and dredge in flour mixture, shaking off excess.
Shake off excess flour and stack slices on other half of pan.
Grease paper and dust pans with flour, knocking out excess.
They need to get rid of the ever-growing number of excess chocolates, and the mouth is the obvious place to stash them.
Put pieces in a sealable plastic bag, then seal bag, pressing out excess air.
Meanwhile, remove excess fat from chicken and pat dry.
Brush any excess flour from both sides of pastry rounds.
So for me that excess cold coffee at the bottom of the pot became a bothersome reminder.
While many people avoid cholesterol and fat-laden foods, few understand the threat posed by carbohydrate excess.
As excess plant matter sinks to the seafloor, microbes rot it and suck oxygen out of the water in the process.
As the era of unprecedented prosperity comes to an end, it's time to reexamine our culture of excess.
It lasted for one and a half years, and with great excess in the number of deaths.
Droplets of sweat seep from our pores, drawing off excess energy as they evaporate.
It is looking quite doubtful, but there is some chance the run will end with a tantalizing excess.
When insulin concentrations are too low or when our cells resist its action, excess glucose is left floating around in the blood.
But the mitochondria, which are essential to glucose metabolism, have become impaired as a result of the excess calcium.
The liver processes this excess copper into bile, which is excreted in the stool.
These atoms also want to tumble down to the lowest energy state, shedding their excess energy in the form of a pulse of light.
Why excess sodium is so tasty--and so tough to give up.
Extra salt is then shunted into the blood stream, which sucks up excess water into the blood, increasing volume and pressure.
And wind-turbine farms could gain a place to use excess electricity on high-wind days.
In addition, the excess heat from the process can then be used to pre-heat water for conversion to steam for spinning turbines.
They had to shut down wind turbines because there is so much excess hydro, and the base load generators can't be turned off.
Nuclear plants can be cycled down, or excess production can go to producing hydrogen for transportation fuel.
During a strenuous run down the mountain, the skier's body generates excess heat, which melts the remaining microcapsules.
Nuclear products show up in about the right amounts to account for this excess heat.
There's a lot of excess capacity, but companies want to grow market share and margins.
But overeating means gaining weight or maintaining excess weight.
Elderly brain cells are particularly vulnerable because they have a diminished ability to get rid of excess calcium.
Reprocessing is a security and environmental threat far in excess of this alternative.
It is capable of cruising indefinitely as speeds well in excess of any posted limits.
He gives two reasons: each battery comes in a steel case and a liquid cooling system can carry away the excess heat.
The effects of excess nitrogen and phosphorus in surface waters can occur close to and downstream of their sources.

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