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Example sentences for exceptional

His exceptional speed and athleticism made him a high pick despite a rib injury that shortened his season.
In a world of amazing creatures, coelacanths are among the most exceptional.
Radio personality Arnold delivers an exceptional narration.
Juliet was once thought exceptional and now is hardly noticed as she picks her way through traffic in the rain.
Johnson's exceptional physical skills allow him to excel on the field.
We provide an exceptional work environment that includes small lecture classes and an engaged student population.
He's an exceptional athlete with that desire coaches love.
He's an exceptional human being.
The school produces exceptional, intellectually engaged and culturally sensitive leaders in all sectors of society.
It required exceptional courage and intellectual discipline.
By any name, this rambunctious climber with lacy green foliage is an exceptional beauty in bloom.
Americans, in particular, are considered exceptional if they know another language.
One hallmark of an exceptional work of art is its ability to remain relevant.
Dozens of preeminent bank robbers and thieves sought her business, and she mentored those who displayed exceptional cunning.
His landscapes were really exceptional due to his use of searing colors and unusual vantage points.
All too often, exceptional specimens go from the ground into private hands and never receive the scientific study they deserve.
Such intricate structures would only be recovered in instances of exceptional preservation.
He recruited an exceptional team of experts to help with the engineering of this process.
He is an exceptional writer as even this blog illustrates.
With a barbarous nation peace is the exceptional condition.
It was quite an exceptional thing for the case and number of a substantive to be unambiguously indicated by its form.
His chief work in poetry has been in the sonnet form, of which he has exceptional mastery.
These pieces of gold and silver jewellery, all of exceptional charm and sophistication, are a revelation.
Some lawyering requires exceptional skills and deserves high pay.
The combination of high risk and sweetheart deals should yield exceptional returns.
The finance department is exceptional and is frequently at the forefront of knowledge of the latest techniques and concepts.
When their prey is in sight, these seabirds utilize the physical adaptations that make them exceptional divers.
It takes exceptional ingredients and expert craftsmanship to create, and costs more to acquire.
His exceptional journey between those two moments and beyond has allowed him to embrace-and bridge-both cultures.
Readers then get an exceptional look at the dazzling diversity of snowflakes.
The pandemic was exceptional in both breadth and depth.
Now we're finding these kinds of exceptional behaviors in some species of birds.
He quickly developed exceptional field skills and a keen interest in observing wildlife.
His ability to combine exceptional technological vision with design is rare.
Exceptional stickhandler and dazzling moves, drives to net with reckless abandon.
Write a letter to the hotel manager for exceptional service.
Not an exceptional athlete, but a dependable overachiever who gets the job done.
It filled our darkness with exceptional light that was both bright and diffuse, thanks to an opaque screen.
Exceptional memory always seems to be present among the super intelligent.
Pure diamond is an electrical insulator, but doped, it can become a semiconductor with exceptional properties.
The lotus is venerated because of its exceptional purity.
It has been the focus of much research because of its exceptional electrical, mechanical and optical properties.
They are exceptional kids and may well have exceptional lives.
Relative to non-human primates, domestic dogs indeed seem to have exceptional social skills.
It is possible for research to be serious, to be exceptional even, and still be kinda funny.
Aside from the audio problems this was really an exceptional presentation by one of the best ever.
Exceptional candidates with expertise in an area of biomedical science are encouraged to apply.
Personal commitment to collegial work style and providing exceptional member service and outreach.
He is currently about to be elected to his tenth term, something that is not exceptional in this small place.
She focuses on identifying and developing an exceptional team dedicated to student success.
She has exceptional dynamic control, able to move from floating pianissimos to sudden dramatic swells.
The tapas selection, too, is bursting with exceptional things.
In the meantime, it's an added benefit to the exceptional occasion that the director will be on hand.
Two important characteristics give the membrane its exceptional oil-absorbing and water-repelling properties.
With higher power yield versus string inverters and exceptional monitoring capacities micros make good financial sense.
Corporate practices can be directly hostile to individuals with exceptional skills and initiative in technical matters.
GW couldn't help but tell him how incredibly-and pleasantly-surprised he was at the quality of the exceptional sushi.
She was in exceptional shape, so the physical rigor didn't faze her.
But from time to time an exceptional larger specimen crops up.
They are the city's storytellers, and they are an exceptional and eclectic bunch.
The exceptional length of his reign had real significance.
It is only paternalistic doubts which have stifled the talent search for exceptional mental gifts amongst blacks.
But this deduction is based on little more than the fact that an unusually high number of exceptional performers came from there.
All this is leavened with exceptional imaginative and empathic powers, in his effort to see the world through his patients' eyes.
It was a feat of engineering and a work of exceptional beauty and grace.
These days, he lives in a house full of exceptional finds.
He took out his hammer, and immediately uncovered an exceptional treasure.
We know those exceptional and unexplainable events occur occasionally and you can't discount them.
The human mind is a complex thing, and its incoherence is a structural feature, not an exceptional deviation.
It makes me wonder how much image data of so many planets and moons has been denied this sort of exceptional treatment.
Maybe that's why it looks exceptional in this graph.
Modern medicine is exceptional in that it actually works on a biophysical level.
So all of those with truly exceptional levels of talent make it to the big show.
Similarly, her entire life has been condensed into a moving tale and an exceptional book that you could read in a comfortable day.
These guys have exceptional strength in the muscles controlling both tongue and cheek.
Our mission is to link teachers and parents of exceptional students with information that will support student achievement.
Persons with exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business.

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