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No such exception exists in the case of selling rights to clothing companies to reproduce team logos.
The team propose the theory that such yearlings are truly, in this case, the exception that proves the rule.
Yet the commissioners seem almost to have accepted the case for preserving the rule without exception.
Almost without exception, they wore nice sweaters.
Mondays are often hectic in the casket business, and today is no exception.
No matter the size of your wallet these days, pinching pennies has become more the rule than the exception for American families.
It can be hard to track who in Hollywood is hooking up and breaking up, and this week holds no exception.
The one exception really needs to be noted, so it can be avoided.
All white wines should be in screw caps with maybe the exception on a really good Riesling that has a chance of aging.
With the exception of the subwoofer, the speakers should be at ear level.
The aid workers we met were, without exception, remarkable people.
Both the cross-striated and smooth muscles, with the exception of a few that are of ectodermal origin, arise from the mesoderm.
The refrain is so generally employed that a song without it is the exception.
All the soldiers were exactly alike with one exception, and he differed from the rest in having only one leg.
The scoffers, the literary agnostics, make exception for her.
The stop should be used, with one exception, only after real exclamations.
His letters, with the exception of one group, are not intimate.
The school to which, almost without exception, they belong has been constantly attacked and rarely defended.
The bestselling writer is notorious for blurring the boundary between fact and fiction, and his latest book is no exception.
My first garden, which has gone surprisingly well, is no exception.
Open access journals aren't an exception: while free to read, they are not free to produce.
Fortunately vacant buildings are the exception, rather than the rule.
Even at full throttle, the interior stays quiet with the exception of road noise from the low-profile tires.
With one exception, they are required to enter the country through joint ventures or to hold only tiny, direct stakes.
Nor, with the exception of commercial property and leveraged buy-outs, did the rich world's firms go on a debt binge.
Yet almost without exception, big oil firms' profits are falling from the peaks reached last year.
There is a small but lucrative exception to this rule.
Her perceptive and erudite book is the exception and sets a standard to freeze the ink in others' pens.
And, until recently, the exception was verdant inside.
Caricatures usually have some basis in truth-and these ones are no exception.
There is one exception to his staffing plan, however.
The people on the train, with the exception of the hot-dog guy, were friendly and open.
Those individuals, with the notable exception of one correspondent, were kind and helpful.
Stories to the contrary are the exception, not the rule.
There always seems to be a high demand for engineers of one kind or another, and the next decade should be no exception.
The advice has been as various as its sources, with one exception.
US citizens do better with recycling paper than any other recyclable, with the exception of auto batteries.
The client is required, without exception, to provide a certificate of insurance.
No primate, with the exception of humans, is known to live in a colder climate.
Iguanas in the wild communicate by bobbing their heads, and this realistic moving model is no exception.
Most vegetables and fruits, with the exception of avocados, are also low in fat.
With the exception of small cracks, the caverns are closed off to the outside world.
Always, and without exception, they struck me as effortlessly mature.
Summer storms and weather are always unpredictable, and this summer's weather certainly has been no exception.
With the exception of the so-called cervical cancer vaccine, no shots have been approved specifically to prevent malignant tumors.
Benzodiazepine tranquilizers, given to treat anxiety disorders and panic attacks, are no exception.
Dominant animals show their status with expansive postures, and humans are no exception.
New research has revealed a striking exception to this rule, however.
But researchers have found a curious exception to that rule.
Few animals can live totally in the dark, and penguins are no exception.
All organisms are finicky, and the sulfur-loving bacteria are no exception.
With the exception of the herbivorous manatees and dugongs, all marine mammals are carnivores.
Even among us mammals, active fathering is the exception rather than the rule.
Instead, climate systems are complex, and tornadoes are no exception.
In science you are supposed to compare the exception to the rule, not the other way around.
But one kind of super green greenie proves the exception.
With the exception of the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet you'll note small, fine hairs everywhere.
Granted, there are extremists in every pursuit, local food not being the exception.
The guidance outlines how to use the public safety exception when appropriate.
But that is more likely the exception rather than the rule.
She can't really manage to keep up a butterfly life for long, unless she is an exception.
And second, this isn't a large group who was exempted from paying from the start: they're an exception to the rule.
He was an exception to nearly every rule, went off nearly every chart, overrode any sense of purpose but his own.
Its possible that a bird could be struck by a moving wind turbine, but it is the rare exception not the rule.
The boss should always get the blame, and this is no exception.
Few developers do, and there's work to be done to ferret out what separates the rule from the exception.
But the car companies don't really embrace the newer ideas with the exception of hybrid technology.
There is one exception to my last statement and can be found in the article when it touched on a warmer body radiates heat faster.
However, that is also an illusion, with the exception of certain games and scientific or engineering applications.
The author's reply is a notable exception--good work.
One reader took exception to my choice of the perfect cartoon.
The one exception was the dining-room set, which my parents bought shortly after they were married.
Dog parks are more cliquish than any other human gathering with the possible exception of seventh grade.
But there is an exception to the rule: these days, credit-card companies are trying to get rid of customers.
When they forage, collaboration is the exception not the rule.
The brain is a glaring exception because it is protected by an intricate shield known as the blood-brain barrier.
Sumo wrestlers are a colorful and instructive exception.
Most of the efforts of people at the time were ineffective, with a partial exception for shunning and isolation.
There has been one tantalising exception to this catalogue of failure.
Almost without exception, these kinds of claims are anecdotal in nature, which is unreliable.
With the exception of tracks, burrows or other trace fossils, behaviour doesn't fossilise easily.
One glaring exception to this kind of locomotion is a deep-water fish known as the coelacanth.
But this has been the exception rather than the rule.
It has favored our intelligence, but humans are the great exception.
Goldwater is an exception as he was more libertarian.
With the exception of digitalis for heart failure and quinine for malaria, there were almost no effective drugs.
There were radios, but their delights-with the exception of a few programs-were reserved for the grownups only.
Many biologists believe that in ecology and social evolution, frequency-dependent selection is the rule, not the exception.
Almost without exception, he deploys those words in derisive counterpoint to his own clarity of purpose and principle.
First of all, it describes his face and frame: quite the exception in a profession so devoted to lissomeness in its anchorpersons.
There was, however, one important exception to the non-fraternization rule.
With the exception of questionable home runs, there is no instant replay in baseball.
As for the terms, they were fairly straightforward, with one exception.

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