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He is not allowed to see people, except his family, and cannot leave home except in an emergency.
In cooler regions, you can grow them outdoors anytime except winter at which time you can grow them inside in bright light.
Never have seen him again except in this iconic picture.
It's empty, except for large electrical cables snaking along the floor.
Except for the time they turned out to be mashed turnips.
All except for one small keyboard instrument on display.
Except, that is, for bringing meaning to things nobody can even see.
Nothing prevents me from being a writer except laziness.
The abbreviations etc and jr are always preceded by a comma, and except at the end of a sentence, followed by one.
We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight.
The human brain is heavier than that of any of the lower animals, except the elephant and whale.
The shell performs no office in clearing except for the albumen which clings to it.
It is completely covered by peritoneum except along the line of attachment of the falciform ligament.
Few people will follow a fashion except when other people are looking at them.
Excepting, instead of except, is to be condemned when there is no need for it.
It is often argued that more lore attaches to chocolate than to any other human consumable except wine.
In fact, a few explanations were discussed except one explanation.
So there's nothing to discuss except the inadequacy of the article.
Except in this case, the eco-alpha dogs are off the leash.
Except that we're all smart enough to know that that has absolutely nothing to do with how science works.
Except one: it had moist lips, glossy hair and vivid eyes that blinked slowly.
Nationally, energy production sucks more water from freshwater sources than any other sector except agriculture.
Except that the nearer galaxy bends the light of the far galaxy coming our way.
Until recently, the botanical source of this powder has not been known, except to its maker.
Being fat is bad, except during a famine, where being fat is good.
Seriously, these issues have no solution, except the reduction of human population.
So the ice at the border has no option except to break off in large chunks.
Yet everyone involved in the transaction benefits except the donor.
In comfortable anonymity, reviewers announce they liked everything about your book except its main premise.
In the third, his entire brain was destroyed except for one part that kept him breathing.
The second is that there is no chance of the housing sector leading the present economy anywhere, except deeper into the mire.
Except that there is a growing body of evidence that some of those people have their behaviour permanently changed.
Rice- and wheat-price increases have been modest, except for high-quality imports, a small share of domestic consumption.
He also made the tools that made them, except for the lathes and turning engines.
It's almost impossible to get noticed, except by hecklers.
Except when you're finished making tea, you drink the tea and throw out the leaves.
Except there's one tiny, but important part that's missing.
Once you have clamped it shut, nothing will get inside except for air, via a small purge valve that equalizes pressure.
The instrument resembles a large flute, except with water flowing through it instead of air.
But there's no one there watching except for a handful of dancers.
He also declined to say what types of jobs were being cut, except to say the cuts were across all headquarters functions.
Biofuels are similar, except that they're made from plants grown today.
Many atlases maintain the same, basic content year after year, except for a new cover.
Plant chlorophyll, for example, absorbs and reflects all wavelengths of light except green.
The atoll is uninhabited, except for about one million seabirds and five million land crabs.
Matter and antimatter share nearly identical properties except the antiparticle has an opposite electric charge from the particle.
These omnivorous giants tend to be solitary animals, except for females and their cubs, but at times they do congregate.
Leopard cats are considered to have generally stable populations, except for a few subspecies that are close to extinction.
Others would be visible except they're virtually transparent.
Each had been heavily looted in antiquity, and no royal remains were found except a single bejeweled arm.
Total focus on money, lack of environmental attention, lack of local benefit except in menial jobs.
Little information has been offered on the workers, except that they are rotating in shifts to limit their exposure to radiation.
Except, that is, in one area: creating a new energy economy.
In fact, matter as a visible object is of no great use any longer, except as the mould on which form is shaped.
In fact, virtually no one reviews it except other poets.
Except the jury-with a clever marketing strategy-has been rigged.
Before that she was a journalist and editor, writing about everything, except politics.
To an emigrant, country is idle except it be his own.
Everybody, of course, nearly everybody except the gun crews were under ground.
The term means little except that it suggests a certain control and lack of frenzy.
They had no practical effect except as reminders that the authorities were on guard and in control.
It's ill-advised to pay too much attention to a network's promotional gambits, except as object lessons in what not to do.
Except in the case of a few highfliers and a somewhat larger number of inveterate slackers, college is a stressful experience.
Over the next two days, all her organs recovered except her brain.
Except, in this case we're talking about protesters who are denouncing the excesses of capitalism.
Unless you're putting money on it, nothing is at stake except your reputation for wisdom in matters of the heart.
No one seemed to know much about it except that it was deadly.
There was not much to do, except to dial overwhelmed government help lines and wait for news.
There's nothing to learn from this, except everything.
Nothing in this peaceful suburb was out of place, except for its missing tenants.
Subjects are directed to the room but are given no instructions except to wait for the experimenter.
As an industry, biotech has suffered losses every year except one.
These were modest stunts, to be sure, except for this fact: the jets have no pilots.
As a result, the display is bi-stable, using little energy except to change the image.
But it does have problems-all of them tolerable except for one.
It is much closer to neuro processing, where our brains run in a cool state, except when needed for more high level processing.
Except its not the people who create the content that are suffering.
His is a private company and he owes nothing to anyone except his investors.
Pulse all ingredients except bread in a food processor until finely chopped and combined well.
In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients except the flour and vegetable oil.
Except for a few clouds, the sky is blue and bright, and it seems an odd time for an amateur astronomer to be planet hunting.
Its face is nestled behind one forelimb, which resembles a wing except for the long, clawed fingers at the end.
It is transparent, with no obvious colours except for some small brownish spots.
If you can look at two galaxies that are alike except in one way, it's easier to isolate the cause.
The robots were really funny, except the bad one which was frightening for sure, but endurable.
They all have time on their hands now, except for the chemists.
Her condition hasn't damaged her memory or emotions, except in the case of fear.
No one ever discusses the possibility of boiling inside the spaceship except when going through atmosphere.
But the universe has nothing to interact with except itself and has only a fixed total energy.
Which books they had in mind is not precisely clear except for this: they are not likely to be textbooks.
They should be sequestered, in places which have no other aim except sequestration.
She was never at any hour of the day or night free of these consumptions, never except when she was asleep.
None of this would be important, other than to author and critic, except for two things.
We cannot explain the importance of a good life except by noticing how creating a good life contributes to living well.
The same is true for drugs that block neurotransmitters, except in reverse.
Except for astrology, to which he devoted a chapter.
There is no known way to evaluate the second claim, except to say that it is reasonable.
Rarely was there a formal sit-down except for holidays, birthdays, or funerals.
No one, except those trying to stop the water's spread, got wet.
All the cards cascaded to the floor, except one: the once-lost, signed selection would be tacked to the wall.
Except for the color scheme, it's pretty much the same thing.
Except for apple pickers and color oglers, they are in shutdown mode.

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