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Example sentences for excelling

Excelling at any sport requires physical and mental discipline.
Excelling at one form of memory, however, may inhibit another.
He read ravenously and widely, excelling in every field from drama and history to biology and mathematics.
We are preventing gifted students from excelling by holding them back with useless tests.
They have done this by excelling in areas that demand constant, incremental innovation.
There are other aspects to life besides excelling in things for which there are medals or grades.
As the season progresses, top prospects who are excelling are earning well-deserved promotions.
Flexibility is a major part of excelling in gymnastics and usually is only obtained with lots of stretching.
Carp are a supreme fly-rod challenge equal to or excelling trout or bone fish according to many fly fishing magazines.
Strategically placing children in partnerships can have positive effects for both excelling and struggling readers.

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