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Example sentences for excelled

In the last species of composition he particularly excelled.
My father always excelled in improving every spare half-hour or three-quarters of an hour, whether for work or enjoyment.
They also excelled at solving simple math problems and remembering words heard over a hands-free cellphone when not driving.
Only a small number of kids, those who excelled on a standardized exam, could enter.
Orchids have excelled at spinning off new species, and yet there are remarkably few orchid plants in the world.
Those who faltered were often demoralized before the event, while those who excelled were optimistic.
Then again, everyone on this blog has excelled in what they've tried.
He excelled at hagiography and left psychological penetration mostly in the eye of the beholder.
Harry had a bookish appearance but excelled at tennis, football, gymnastics and other sports.
He took each of his roles seriously and excelled at every one.
He has placed the future of his students above his own gains with an understanding that if these kids excels he has excelled.
One could name non-dyslexic individuals who have excelled in life.
The governor was soon in the sort of slow slugfest his foes excelled at.
The industry has excelled in two particular areas: pricing and piracy.
But this time he has excelled himself, making a surprise out of something that is not surprising at all.
Until now, it has excelled in making and distributing hardware.
Even as he excelled in his work, opportunities within his field were diminishing.
There were no labels attached to him and he excelled.
But others took advantage of the education offered and really excelled.
The few serious ones excelled and were clearly proceeding to the next level.
Turns out he prefers bicycling to basketball and once excelled in judo.
He excelled at playing the guitar, and could create songs on the spot and show others how to play.
Western scientists have clearly excelled at both in the external physical realm.
He loved sailing on the estuary and excelled at judo, which he taught to younger students.
His main job is to stop the run, and he's excelled this season, earning mention as one of the top defensive players of the year.
In the painstaking blurbs they composed for each other's books, they excelled at characterizing the other's style.
The upgrade meant that landlines excelled at caller location.
Political debate was the one area in which she excelled.
He had excelled in the toughest contact sport there is--football--yet he was battling for his life because of a mosquito.
Schneider, who has excelled in judo but only started wrestling this season, didn't give any indication this was coming.
The organizations that he has led have consistently excelled in environmental compliance, safety, and continuous improvement.
He excelled in his career as a lawyer and earned a significant fortune along the way.
Nevertheless, he excelled at solving complex calculations in his head.
As usual, he excelled at training, loved chasing people and a large plastic ball that he was able to push around with his nose.
Both artists excelled at rendering satins and velvets, laces and furs.
He excelled in sports including baseball, soccer, and basketball.
He excelled in his studies but he was still plagued by restlessness.

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