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Most chefs excel at cooking either meat or fish.
Virtually all teachers basically enjoy teaching and want to excel at their jobs.
Meanwhile if you excel at the financial part of the business, that should be your contribution to the success of the company.
His whole manner, tense and nervous, was the expression of a passionate desire to excel.
Your parents pushed you to excel from the time you were very young.
He is a team man who tries to excel not for himself but for his team.
We worked hard to excel academically and networked like crazy.
He began to excel in his mid-20's.
People who excel at anything dedicate time and effort into what they do.
Others initially enroll as masters students, excel, and are encouraged to continue for a doctorate.
It's probably not surprising that mothers excel at recognizing and interpreting the moods and emotions of their infants.
Their brains are wired differently which makes them in some areas excel above their peers.
To excel in science meant to solidify the glory of one's country at a time of significant instability in the region.
We can all agree that physically and emotionally healthy kids are much more likely to excel intellectually.
Someone can have no concept of math, but can excel in language.
Seeing that you all are obviously so proficient in drug and narcotic detection, you must also excel at search and rescue.
That's actually not a smoothed out graph in excel, the rather continuous form is simply an artifact of the human eye's perception.
These evolutionary adaptations allow animals to excel at a particular task.
There are also video games that require money and inventory management to excel at.
There is nothing wrong with having bright students excel, regardless of their demographic backgrounds.
Some excel at committee work, administration, and service.
Instructors often have a particular method of teaching at which they excel.
The less-numerous orchids, meanwhile, may falter in some environments but can excel in those that suit them.
Likewise, some cities excel in scientific research but not in commercial adaptation.
The management skills needed to excel at investment banking are different from those in retail or corporate lending.
He cites research showing that home-schooled children tend to excel both academically and socially in later life.
Humans excel at extracting meaning and sentiment from even the tiniest snippets of text, a task that stumps machines.
The land is arid, so they excel at water and agricultural technology.
Rich people are rich because they excel at using other people for their own benefit.
They excel at managing multiple tasks, details and deadlines.
The criteria are designed to find students who excel not only in scholarship but in leadership roles within and outside of school.
As he grew up and began to excel on the field, he became more and more certain he would see that day.
The only thing that could get better than this plain pizza is toppings, and they excel.
They excel at capturing our every fleeting, furtive, shaming thought.
Many excel academically, but without work authorization, they cannot be legally employed.
Those wishing to excel in the year ahead tend to review their previous accomplishments and consider areas for improvement.
These devices excel at these basic functions and are awfully convenient when out on the road.
Poor children can learn and excel, but the odds are against them.
Electronic sports might not be on everyone's radar, but for those who excel it can be a lucrative career.

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